Snowboarding in Sethan Valley

Open Time : Open 24 hrs

Entry : paid

Address : Sethan, Himachal Pradesh, India

Why to visit Snowboarding in Sethan Valley

  • Snowboarding and skiing are two of the most popular activities in Sethan Valley. 
  • Hire a guide and take safety measures to ensure you have a wonderful time.
  • To stay warm in the chilly weather, rent a snowboard and dress warmly. These tools can be found in the print that is headed towards Sethan.

Best Time to Visit Sethan Valley: Throughout the year. During summers, Sethan Valley is ideal for trekking and camping activities. 

Elevation: 2700 mts above sea level

Distance from Manali: 12 km 

Permit: You need a permit to enter the valley because Sethan is a protected area. This is offered for INR 100 at the Hydro Project checkpoint in Prini.

FAQ on Snowboarding in Sethan Valley

Is there any internet access in Sethan Valley?

Sethan is unable to connect to the internet via cellular. You may stay nearby at Hamta Homestay which has internet access. The village's attractiveness however is also linked to its lack of connectedness! For the first time you'll be dragged away from the digital grid and nature will invite you to relish every minute!

Is it common for tourists to feel nauseous while travelling up to the Sethan Valley?

After Prini the altitude rises at an exponential rate. No matter how fit young or able you are you can suffer the effects of Altitude Mountain Sickness. If you have a case of nausea or a headache while driving on the winding roads I recommend taking some medication to help you relax. Alternatively lowering your altitude as soon as possible is the best way to heal AMS.

When is the ideal time to go to the Sethan Valley?

If you want to snowboard ski or go on a winter adventure the months of January through early May may be the greatest time to come. However the summer seasons of June to November (barring monsoons of course!) are ideal for unsupervised expeditions and discovering oneself in the woods. In the summer there are a variety of adrenaline-pumping activities such as bouldering to keep you engaged!

How to reach Sethan Valley?

Sethan is a short drive from Manali. Take an overnight trip from Delhi to Manali, and Sethan is only 12 kilometres away. It's around a 45-minute trip. You will need to rent a cab, which will cost you between INR 1200 and INR 1500. From Prini, take the road uphill (40 hairpin turns) towards Hampta Valley for about 12 kilometres till you hit Sethan Valley. You may hire a bike (Himalayan, Bullet, avenger) or an active for INR 1000 and INR 600, respectively, if you are a biking fanatic.

Special Tip

If you're hungry, the greatest thing to eat is whatever your lodging provides. This is not a tourist destination or even a town with a significant population. The Kalzang Dhaba, on the other hand, offers excellent maggi and excellent coffee, as well as free fascinating views!

By Abhilasha Prasad

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