Open Time : 10 AM-7 PM

Entry : free

Address : Bhuttico, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India

Why to visit Bhuttico

First introduced in 1944, Bhuttico was started by a group of women as a cooperative shop. This is another place which can be considered for shopping. The place was also awarded in 1993-94 with a National Award from the Ministry of Textiles.

  • There are a total of three Bhuttico showrooms in Manali. Bhuttico showrooms are located in
    • Manu Market
    • N.A.C. Market
    • Mall
  • Shawls, pattoos, scarves, Kullu caps, and other items are specifically designed by Bhuttico staff.
  • Trend jackets and other various accessories for winter wear can be purchased from this shop.
  • You can visit this shop to purchase the ISO marked high-quality products which are of international standard and available in different parts of the world. 

The speciality of Bhuttico:

  • Handicrafts: Bhuttico produces handmade goods as well. Pullas, neckties, woollen socks, and woollen bags are some of the well-known handcraft items produced by Bhuttico. Pullas are a particular style of slipper worn by women in the Kitchen.
  • Bhuttico Caps: Bhuttico caps are unique and distinct from other caps in terms of their design, pattern, and manufacturing process.

FAQ on Bhuttico

What do you mean by Bhutti weavers?

Bhutti Weavers, a renowned name in handloom weaving, especially in Kullu Shawls and other products made with Australian yarn, pashmina, & Angora yarn.

How many showrooms of Bhuttico in Manali?

Ther are three showrooms of Bhuttico in Manali which includes Manu Market, N.A.C. Market and Mall.

What is the history behind Bhuttico?

The late Thakur Ved Ram founded Bhuttico prior to independence in 1944. The objectives were to develop local talent and create jobs. The complex pattu was intended to be made simpler in order to make it more generally applicable. Consequently, shawls and stoles were made by modifying the pattu's size. In order to create things that could be sold, the intricate decorations on the borders and edges were also reduced.

What is the fabric does Bhuttico use?

Products from Bhuttico are marked with the Woolmark, a global certification programme that guarantees that a given item was produced in accordance with their strict wool criteria.

Special Tip

Don't forget to buy Pashmina and Lambswool shawls

By Ravish Jha

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