Agatti Island

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Address : Agatti Island, Agatti, Lakshadweep

Why to visit Agatti Island

Agatti Island is the only island in the Lakshadweep group with its own airport, making it extremely accessible from all parts of the globe. The airport is 459 kilometres from Kochi, India's coast. The dominant religion is Islam, and the residents primarily speak English and Malayalam. The people's main source of income is fishing. In this corner of the world, on the other hand, tourism is thriving.

The island is located on one of the coral isles of the Lakshadweep islands and is one of the few inhabited islands in the Lakshadweep group. You can walk around the island or rent a two-wheeler to get around. Natural greenery and stunning topographical formations abound in every area of the island.

The lovely Agatti island is 8 kilometres long and 8 kilometres wide, with a population of roughly 8000 people. The island may be small in comparison to other islands, with a total area of just over 3 square kilometres, yet it is nothing short of an utopia for beach lovers and eccentric travellers.

FAQ on Agatti Island

What are the sports to do on this island??

In the gorgeous tides of the Arabian Sea adventurers can enjoy water sports such as snorkelling scuba diving swimming kayaking and water skiing. Some might even try deep sea fishing.

How to reach the island??

The Agatti airport is located on Agatti Island. Monday through Saturday ATR 42 flights operate from Kochi. A maritime connection connects Agatti Island to the mainland. The island is only 8 kilometres from Bangaram Island which is easily accessible by boat. Every day seven-passenger cruise ships with modern amenities depart from Cochin and arrive at Agatti in 20 to 22 hours.

What are the stay facilities on the island?

There are just two resorts on the island and reservations must be made ahead of time. This guarantees a smaller number of travellers at any given time ensuring a pleasant vacation away from commercialization and crowds.

Are all mobile networks work good on the island??

Airtel and BSNL mobile networks work strong on the island while other networks are weak throughout the island.

Is alcohol allowed on the island??

No alcohols are strictly prohibited on the island.

Special Tip

Only Indians are allowed to visit and stay on the island. Every visitor to Agatti Island is needed to get an admission permission. The application for an admission permission can be downloaded from the internet. The duly completed entry permission form, along with a charge of INR 50 in cash or demand draught, must be presented to the Administrator at the Lakshadweep Office in Wellington Island, Kochi.

By Yashica Singh

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