South Park Street Cemetery

Open Time : 10:00 Am to 5:00 Pm

Entry : paid

Address : South Park Street Cemetery, मदर टेरेसा सरनी, Opposite द असेम्बली ऑफ़ गोड चर्च विद्यालय - पार्क स्ट्रीट, Mullick Bazar, Park Street area, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Website : http://www.christianburialboardkolkata.com/archaeology

Phone : 033 2286 7104

Why to visit South Park Street Cemetery

This cemetery was one of the biggest non-church Christian cemeteries outside of Europe and America, and it was situated in Kolkata's Park Street neighbourhood, which is popular for its bars and eateries. It is now a heritage property and no longer in use.
The almost 1900 burials are an eclectic mix of architectural styles, including Indo-Saracenic, classical antiquity, and European gothic, all mixed up in a tangle of obelisks, cairns, urns, and sarcophagi.
The lush tropical environment keeps encroaching on the crumbling stones even though South Park Street Cemetery is constantly being maintained and updated.
Many of the grounds are covered in green mosses and ancient ferns, creating an eerie atmosphere for tourists searching for some history in their boneyards.
People come in droves to this location to take in its beauty and read the monuments to the dead. Photographers may capture it in a wonderful way. The cemetery is thought to be haunted even though it has historical significance and is frequently visited by numerous people.

FAQ on South Park Street Cemetery

What restaurants are near South Park Street Cemetery?

Restaurants near South Park Street Cemetery: (0.15 km) Shiraz Golden Restaurant (0.14 km) Daawat-E-Shiraz (0.13 km) Cakes

What attractions are near South Park Street Cemetery?

Attractions near South Park Street Cemetery: (0.12 km) Mother House (0.15 km) Hot Latin Thursday (0.24 km) Gallery Kolkata

What hotels are near South Park Street Cemetery?

Hotels near South Park Street Cemetery: (0.14 km) Siamton Inn (0.15 km) Capella Hotel (0.13 km) Siesta Banyan Apartments

How far is it from the centre of Kolkata to South Park Street Cemetery?

The distance between the centre of Kolkata and South Park Street Cemetery is 2 km.

Special Tip

Don't harm the tombs in any way. Avoid leaving behind trash. Three big eateries in the cemetery provide both contemporary and classic cuisine. Entry costs roughly Rs 30 per person.

By Rebecca Lal

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