James Prinsep

Open Time : Open 24x7

Entry : free

Address : James Prinsep Ghat, Strand Road, Maidan, Fort William, Hastings, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Why to visit James Prinsep

The landmark structure at Prinsep Ghat is well-known. This structure embodies both rich culture and exquisite beauty. It was erected when Britain was in power. 

The highlight of Prinsep Ghat is the James Prinsep Monument.The monument is surrounded by a tiny garden. You can go about the garden and take pictures on the well-paved roads and lovely street lamps there.

The area's beautiful surroundings further add to its appeal. The chairs on the ghat's four sides are adorned with lovely floral decorations. You can see Vidyasagar Setu from a very different view which looks surreal. The morning view when sunrises and the evenings will hit you differently.

 Many tourists from other countries come to Kolkata to taste the local food there. You can also stroll through the  ghat which has a long pavement. Photographers and nature enthusiasts will definitely love the aura and surroundings of The place.

Boating in Princep Ghat :

One of the most popular pastimes at the Prinsep Ghat is boating. Tourists can pick between traditional wooden boats and speedboats for these river tours, which range anything from a few minutes to an hour.

Boating in the tranquil river is best done in the early mornings (6:00 AM to 9:00 AM) and late evenings (5:00 PM to 7:00 PM). Some boatmen may, upon request, add an additional hour or so to the nighttime riverboat cruise for a fee.

FAQ on James Prinsep

What time is ideal for visiting Princep Ghat?

Princep Ghat is best visited around dusk for an evening boat ride or a leisurely stroll through the gardens along the banks of the River Hooghly.

How to reach Prinsep Ghat?

Only 6 kilometres separate Prinsep Ghat from the city's centre. The best public transportation for tourists to use is local buses, rickshaws, and taxis. College Street, BB Ganguly Street, Marx Engels Beethi Road, and Goshto Paul Sarani - Strand Road are all routes that will take you to the attraction.

What metro stop is closest to Princep Ghat?

Esplanade Chambers is a short walk from Esplanade Metro Station, which is where Princep Ghat is located. The best option is to board a minibus in front of the Oberoi Grand that will take you in around 5 minutes to Princep Ghat.

Special Tip

Near the ghat, there are food stands selling delectable regional foods. Since it began providing quick food to locals, one of the centres, which is more than 50 years old, offers scrumptious ice cream.

By Rebecca Lal

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