Bagri (Bagree)Market

Open Time : Open 24 hours

Entry : free

Address : BAGRI ELECTRONICS, Bagri Market Street, Bound Kalan, Krishna Colony, Bhiwani, Haryana, India

Why to visit Bagri (Bagree)Market

The Market is one of the largest wholesale markets in India also called Burra Bazar in Kolkata, offers everything under the sky at discounted rates. There is nothing which you do not find here. The place which is crowded at any hour of the day is a hub for anything and everything needed.

Although the market is unlike the typical malls in the city and has no provision for air conditioners, still the forever crazy crowd does not fail to shop here. Be it any month of the year and any season, this area is full of vendors, office goers, porters and of course the shopaholics.

The needed products may not be in display at the counter yet they have massive stock of each and everything. All you need to do is ask them where exactly would you find the particular stuff in your list.

The online shopping centres cannot just beat this market place in both variety and rates. It offers similar products and of the same quality at dirt cheap prices.

FAQ on Bagri (Bagree)Market

Is Bagree Market open on Sunday?

Market is closed on Sunday. Only few showrooms are open.

Special Tip

The place remains crowded all the time so taking care of your belongings is extremely important. You can also explore many street food stalls while strolling down the streets.

By Rebecca Lal

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