Thommankuthu Falls

Open Time : 08:00 am to 06:00 pm

Entry : free

Address : XR4M+9HC Thodupuzha, Idukki, Kerala, India

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Why to visit Thommankuthu Falls

One of Kerala's most naturally beautiful districts, Idukki, is home to the waterfalls at Thommankuthu. This magnificent waterfall, which is located around 20 kilometres from Thodupuzha town, descends in seven levels, featuring a cascade and pool at each step. This magnificent location is the perfect setting for adventure tourism because of its natural splendour.

Every traveller is captivated by the breathtaking grandeur of the Thommankuthu waterfalls. Kerala's Thommankuthu waterfall, a lovely seven-step cascade with pleasant weather, located close to Thodupuzha. This sparkling waterfall is the ideal place to unwind in the midst of nature, hidden among lush vegetation. Visitors can enjoy the untamed beauty of the forest and stream on Thommankuthu waterfall tours. Thommankuthu waterfall excursions provide all the adventure you can manage if you're seeking for a daring trip.

Trekking or mountain climbing are welcome activities at this exotic waterfall site, Thommankuthu. Trekking the mountain, which requires about 12 kilometres of ascent, is an option for tourists seeking adventure. Visitors can also take pleasure in lake boating. Other activities in this pleasant waterfall valley resort include fishing and horseback riding. Thodupuzha, 18 kilometres from the Thommankuthu waterfall destination, is where you may catch a bus if you're interested in seeing this spectacular Kerala highlight. At Thodupuzha, there are numerous hotels, rest stops, and dining establishments.

FAQ on Thommankuthu Falls

How to reach Thommamkuthu Waterfalls?

At Udumbannoor Village in Idukki, Thommankuthu Waterfalls is located not far from Malayinchi. From Kottayam and Malayinchi, one can take a bus or hail a cab to get here.

What is the ideal time to visit Thommamkuthu Waterfalls?

The monsoon season is the finest time to visit, yet visitors can come here at any time of year.

What are the nearby tourist destinations?

The area is close to a variety of popular tourist destinations, including the Ramakkalmedu Peak and Kalvari Mount.

Special Tip

With the help of a local guide, tourists who are interested in hiking can choose the 12 km trekking track deep inside the forest. In addition to the neighbouring stream, visitors can take a dip in the waterfalls.

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