Nammos, Mykonos

Open Time : 10:00 am to 12:00 am

Entry : free

Address : NAMMOS Mykonos, Mykonos, Greece

Website :

Phone : +30 2289022440

Why to visit Nammos, Mykonos

This opulent hangout is situated on Mykonos' bustling Psarou Beach and has welcomed celebrities such as Liz Hurley, Hugh Jackman, Mariah Carey, and Lionardo Di Caprio. Apart from the gorgeous white sand and blue ocean, Nammos has its own elevated boutiques, hookah bar, cocktail lounge, Riva yachts, and four private cabanas, each with its own Jacuzzi, mini-bar, and butler.

There is no better way to spend a day at Psarou's beach than by indulging in the flavours of Nammos. The beach menu has small nibbles that are ideal for the Nammos' affluent lifestyle. Delicious sandwiches, salads, and Beef Corner selections, as well as coffees, fresh juices, and margaritas, will keep you occupied on the plush loungers for hours of relaxation and diving in the clear waters!

Sushi rolls and sashimi, as well as sandwiches and steak frites, are all available at the restaurant. If you see the Greek-style orzo with veal cheeks on the menu, order a plate. Nammos is the place to go for a seaside celebration in the lap of luxury, thanks to its parties, Champagne cuisine, and amazing celebrity sightings.

Special Tip

Lobster Spaghetti was a rich, creamy, and delectable seafood spaghetti dish with bits of tasty lobster flesh and creamy Parmesan sauce. And the Steamed Mussels had a very mild "ocean" flavour with a faintly sweet, mushroom-like undertone. Both dishes are highly recommended here.

By Atharva Yeshwardhan

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