Palika Bazaar, Sector 19

Open Time : 11:00AM to 10:00PM

Entry : free

Address : Palika Bazar, 19D, Sector 19, Chandigarh, India

Why to visit Palika Bazaar, Sector 19

Palika Bazaar in Sector 19 is another excellent shopping choice in Chandigarh, as it combines two major markets in one location, namely Palika Bazaar and Sadar Bazaar. The market is affordable, and it has always been one of the finest places for young people to find their own personal style, whether it's in the form of attractive clothing, accessories, footwear, cosmetics, and much more. The area is studded with cafés and restaurants where you may sample a wide range of authentic Punjabi cuisine. Lachha parathas, Butter Chicken, Chicken Tikkas, Chole Bhature, Tandoori fish, and a variety of kebabs are all worth trying. Finish your dinner with some of the city's sweet delicacies, such as sizzling hot Jalebi , roh di kheer and more.

Special Tip

Don't forget to buy their clothes, footwear, decorative items.

By Shobhna J.

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