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    Jhulta Minar

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    Jhulta Minar

    Visit the most intriguing architectural wonders that the world has ever seen

    Why to visit this place

    The 500-year-old structure may be found in Ahmedabad's Sakar Bazar. It was once part of the Sidi Bashir Mosque, which was later demolished during the Gujrat Sultanate's conflict. The minarets were supposed to be the mosque's entrance. The minarets have a unique architectural style that draws attention and inspires awe in visitors. The fascination with the movement of these minarets is not new; many British men during the Raj tried to figure out why they moved. To understand why minarets move the way they do, one Englishman nearly had them demolished.

    The minarets are unique in that if one of them is disturbed, the other one shakes after a few seconds, despite the connecting corridor transmitting no movements or vibrations. Many architects and historians have attempted to decipher the mechanics and logic behind the minarets' seemingly unconnected movements. Jhulta Minar, which translates to "swinging minaret," is the result of these movements.

    Special Tip:

    The best time to visit in the month of October to March.


    Open Time : Open 24 hours

    Entry : free

    Address : Jhulta Minar, Julta Minar Road, Manhar Nagar Society, Rajpur Hirpur, Gomtipur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India


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