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    Bhulla Lake

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    Bhulla Lake

    A beautiful lake maintained by Indian Army

    Why to visit this place

    Bhulla Tal is a tiny artificial lake in the town of Lansdowne, located 2 kilometres from Lansdowne Market. Bhulla Lake, also known as Bhulla Tal, was created and is maintained by the Indian Army. It is one of the best places to visit in Lansdowne.

    Bhulla Tal is named after the Garhwal Rifles' young Garhwali soldiers who assisted in the creation of the lake. Bhulla, which means younger brother in Garhwali, is the name of this tourist attraction. Bhulla Lake is a well-known area in Lansdowne that is ideal for a picnic.

    Bhulla Lake is a well-kept lake with a pristine atmosphere. Boating is available on the lake, with elegant duck-shaped boats. As part of the beautification of the beautiful surroundings, a children's park, bamboo machan, and fountains have been built. Near the Bhulla Lake, there is also a small gift shop, a cafe, a herbal plant garden, and a rabbit enclosure. Visitors go to a little overbridge on the lake for the best lake views

    Special Tip:

    An amusement park is located nearby which is quite popular among kids


    Open Time : 9am -5pm

    Entry : free

    Address : Lansdowne, Lansdowne, Uttarakhand, India

    By Aryan Prasad

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