Sweet Meat Street

Open Time : 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Entry : free

Address : Mittayi Theruvu - SM Street, SM Street, Palayam, Kozhikode, Kerala, India

Why to visit Sweet Meat Street

The streets are crowded with stores selling a wide variety of goods, from the well-known candies and banana chips to jewellery and Ayurvedic medicines. This is a unique shopping experience because there are rows of stores on either side of the winding street that sell cheap goods such as toys, hair salons, juice bars, fragrances, textiles, candies, and confectionery.

The word "Halwa," a sweet, is supposed to have inspired the name "Sweet Meat Street." It is a type of delicacy with a soft, rubbery texture, and it has been a local favourite for a very long time. Due to the texture of the delicacies, European traders began to refer to them as "sweetmeat," and the neighbourhood began to be known as Sweet Meat Street, or SM Street as it is now.

It's a colourful adventure to stroll through the lanes of SM Street in the evenings and at night. Huge slabs of the vibrant Kozhikodan Halwa and other mouthwatering treats are showcased at the sweet shops. The halwa is the most popular sweet among both locals and tourists. The sweet comes in a wide variety of flavours.

Despite the city's fast evolution, the buildings on the street still contain some of its older, often more than a hundred-year-old, architecture. The famous Malayalam author S.K.Pottekkat's monument is positioned facing the street. On SM street, he based his book "Oru Theruvinte Katha" (the narrative of a street).

FAQ on Sweet Meat Street

What can you buy on SM Street that is well-known?

The actual Sweet Meat, ethnic clothing, and footwear are the most well-known items.

What places of interest are close by SM Street?

Mishkal Mosque (0.82 km), Kozhikode Beach (2.04 km), and Kappad Beach (17.7 km) are attractions close to SM street.

How do you access SM Street?

It only takes fifteen minutes to walk there from the bus stop and train station in Kozhikode, and the street is a highly well-liked location in the city.

Special Tip

Since the area becomes extremely crowded in the evening, try to arrive as early as possible on the street. The most well-known activities in Kozhikode, however, are eating their Sweet Meat or Halwa, which you ought to accomplish.

By Haniya Aamir

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