Mishkal Mosque

Open Time : 5:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Entry : free

Address : Mishkal Mosque, Kuttichira, Kozhikode, Kerala, India

Why to visit Mishkal Mosque

The Mishkal Mosque was constructed in the fourteenth century, and Nakhuda Mithqal, a Yemeni trader who interacted with Malabar, gave it its name. Within the boundaries of the city, it is located in Kuttichira. The Mishkal mosque uses an architectural style more akin to a temple compared to the Saracenic style that is typically used for mosque construction in the state. It is a building that embodies the peace and secular culture that this city has long displayed.

Mishkal's architecture is incredibly remarkable. The typical characteristics of a mosque, such as domes, minarets, and cupolas, are not present in this magnificent edifice. Due to the flat roof, pillars, and arches, it resembles a temple more. The entire mosque can be considered to be composed of wood, with the exception of the walls on the bottom floor.

On the pillars and walls, it is possible to see the deterioration that time has done to this wood. The exquisite Muslim prayer room's long history is depicted in carvings on the minbar (Preaching stand). A modest museum that chronicles the history of the building is located inside the compound housing the mosque.

History of Mishkal Mosque —

The Zamorins, the then-rulers of Kozhikode and the surrounding areas, provided all of Nakhuda Mithqal's assistance with building the mosque. Ibnu Battuta describes Nakhuda Mithqal as a very wealthy tradesman in his writings. The building's own history of conflict and retaliation are worth telling.

The Portuguese assaulted Mishkal in 1510 during the holy month of Ramadan because the Zamorin's troops was away. But before the city was completely destroyed, the Portuguese army was forced to retreat by an army of citizens committed to preserving its history and honour. The upper storeys of the structure still show signs of this attack in Mishkal.

FAQ on Mishkal Mosque

How to reach Mishkal Mosque?

The mosque is located in Kozhikode's Kuttichira. Buses to Kuttichira depart frequently from the bus station in Kozhikode. Bus service between Kozhikode and the other districts in Kerala State is excellent.

What places of interest are close to the Mishkal Mosque?

Sweet Meat Street (0.82 km), Kozhikode Beach (2.13 km), and Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary (14.5 km) are among of the surrounding sights.

What eateries are located close to the Mishkal Mosque?

Nest Restaurant at Hotel Sea Queen (1.3 km), Curry House Restaurant (1.5 km), and Indian Coffee House (1.6 km) are some of the local points of interest close to Mishkal Mosque.

Special Tip

The stroll from the Mishkal to the well-known Kozhikode beach through the bustling, crowded streets of Kuttichira is one of the activities that are highly recommended for people who are visiting the mosque. It is also well known for its superb non-vegetarian culinary options.

By Haniya Aamir

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