Pillar Rocks Viewpoint

Open Time : 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Entry : free

Address : Pillar Rocks Viewpoint, Pillar Rocks Road, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, India

Why to visit Pillar Rocks Viewpoint

In addition to being a magnificent tourist destination, Pillar Rocks in the small town of Kodaikanal also has a fascinating history. People travel there for a restorative vacation because of the area's reputation for scenic beauty and tranquilly. While Kodaikanal offers a variety of interesting sights to explore, none compare to the Pillar Rocks. These are made up of three enormous rock formations that tower 400 feet above the earth. From their several vantage points, they provide a spectacular view of the surrounding natural grandeur as they tower over the plains of Kodaikanal.

Rock climbers, trekkers, hikers, mountain climbers, as well as families and groups of friends looking for an adventurous time in Kodaikanal, seek out the Pillar Rocks. It is even more interesting because these rocks grow up from the earth and have not been touched by human hands. There are a number of obscure crevices in the rocks that are worth exploring because each one provides a distinctive perspective of the surroundings.

The Devil's Kitchen, which are the crags between the rocks, and a picturesque mini-garden, which is also a lovely vista, are two more natural attractions in the area. Near the garden, there are also food stands serving regional specialties. So, when visiting Kodaikanal, the Pillar Rocks are the ideal location for a tranquil picnic or an exciting weekend with your loved ones.

FAQ on Pillar Rocks Viewpoint

How to reach Pillar Rocks?

The closest bus stop to the pillar rocks is in Kodaikanal. The distance to the viewpoint is 7.5 kilometres. These can be reached by riding a bus or renting a car because they are situated on Golf Links Road.

When is the best time to visit Pillar Rocks?

The ideal time to see Pillar Rocks is generally thought to be during the summer (April to June). It becomes riskier when it rains because it gets slicker. Summer is the ideal time of year to visit Pillar Rocks because winter is when you can see nothing except clouds and fog.

What is the best places to visit near Pillar Rocks?

If you're visiting the nearby Pillar Rocks, which are only 1.1 kilometres away, you must first stop by the Berijam Lake. The Dolphin's Nose, another deep valley in the Kodaikanal landscape that provides one of the best vistas in Tamil Nadu, is close to the Pillar Rocks.

Special Tip

If you want to make the best of your trip you can camped out on the Pillar Rocks with nothing but the starry skies for company. There is no location more gratifying for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers, so carry your camera is a must.

By Sparsh Kapoor

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