Flea Market

Open Time : 9 am–10:30 pm

Entry : free

Address : Kasol, Himachal Pradesh, India

Why to visit Flea Market

Kasol is a shopaholic's paradise! So, while strolling down Kasol Road, make sure to stop by the Flea Market for some shopping. As one of the best things to do in Kasol is to explore the market.

Important Facts about Flea Market Kasol

  • Although the flea market is small, shops are selling woolen clothes, caps and shoes, Jimmy Hendrix memorabilia, night vision glasses, neon trinkets, accessories, and so on.
  • The market is located at the end of the road, making for a perfect charming walk.
  • Everything from Chillums to Bongs, Bob Marley T-shirts, Himachali caps, and much more is available.

How to reach?

The flea market kasol is very accessible by road as it is near the city center.

FAQ on Flea Market

How can we reach the Flea Market Kasol?

Flea Market Kasol is easily accessible by road, you can hail a taxi or an auto rickshaw.

What can you buy here?

Flea Market Kasol is famous for it's woollen clothes, caps and shoes etc.

What are the timings of Flea Market Kasol?

Flea Market Kasol is open from 09:00 am to 10:30 pm.

Is there a restaurant available near the Flea Market Kasol?

Some of the best restaurants near the Flea Market Kasol are Buddha Palace and The Evergreen.

Special Tip

Do check out Bob Marley Tees, Himachali Caps, Dreamcatchers, Handicrafts. Bargaining is a skill that will come in very handy while shopping in here so haggle! haggle! haggle!

By Rebecca Lal

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