Sri Chalukya Kumararama Bhimeswara Swamy Temple

Open Time : 7:00am–12:00pm & 4:00 p.m–8:00pm

Entry : free

Address : Sarpavaram, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, India

Phone : 088972 05858

Why to visit Sri Chalukya Kumararama Bhimeswara Swamy Temple

This temple, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva, has 100 pillars that support the two-story structure of the temple. At the gateway, a massive statue of Nandi guards the Shiva lingam. The idol of Goddess Bala Tripura Sundari, an avatar of Goddess Parvati, is erected on the temple's ground level. Surya Dwaram is the temple's main entrance, and the major shrine is located in the middle of the inner sanctum. It is a rectangular construction with a 14-foot tall limestone lingam that rises from the platform on the ground level to the second storey, piercing through the roof, where Lord Rudrabhaga is the presiding deity.

Special Tip

No tickets required

By Abhilasha Prasad

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