Nathmal Ki Haveli

Open Time : 8:00 A.M - 6:00 P.M.

Entry : free

Address : Nathmal Ki Haveli, Sadar Bazar, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India

Why to visit Nathmal Ki Haveli

The Nathmal Ji Ki Haveli is a historic building in the centre of Jaisalmer. It is renowned for its architectural design, which blends Rajput and Mughal elements. Maharawal Berisal erected this haveli to serve as Diwan Mohata Nathmal's home.

Things to do at Nathmal Ki Haveli: 

  • Check guidebooks or locals to learn more about the area's past.
  • Examine the elaborate architecture by going inside the haveli.
  • Look at the lovely artwork that is displayed on the walls.

Why is Nathmal Ki Haveli famous? 

The magnificent interiors, with their miniature paintings and stone engravings, are just as eye-catching as the spectacular façade decorated with sculptures of elephants.

Visiting Time: 08:00 AM to 06:00  PM

Entry Fees: Nil

Duration: Approx 1 - 2 hrs

Significance: Amalgam of Rajput & Islamic architecture

Nearby Attraction: Patwon Ki Haveli (700 m), Tanot Rai Mata Mandir (1.6 km), and Desert Culture Center (1.2 km)

FAQ on Nathmal Ki Haveli

How to reach Nathmal Ki Haveli?

At Sadar Bazaar, Jaisalmer, Nathmal Ki Haveli is located in the very centre of the city. Public transportation options in the city include taxis, buses operated by the government, and auto rickshaws. To get to the location, you can use any of these services from anywhere in the city. You can also arrange for private taxis or to drive yourself.

When is the best time to visit Nathmal Ki Haveli?

The best time to visit Nathmal Ki Haveli is during the winter, specifically the months of November to February, when the weather is mild and pleasant.

What are the places to visit Nathmal Ki Haveli?

Patwon Ki Haveli (700 m), Tanot Rai Mata Mandir (1.6 km) and Desert Culture Center (1.2 km) are the places to visit Nathmal Ki Haveli.

What are the places to stay Nathmal Ki Haveli?

Narayan Niwas Palace (160 m), Hotel Vrinda Palace (150 m) and Hotel Lalgrah Fort (330 m)are the places to stay Nathmal Ki Haveli.

Special Tip

It is suggested that you come with a water bottle and sunscreen to fend off the heat. Dress for the weather and the time of year where you're going. Watch out for uninformed tour guides who may be begging for cash.

By Abhilasha Prasad

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