Grand Mosque

Open Time : Open 24 hours

Entry : free

Address : Grand Mosque South Gate Abu Dhabi - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Website :

Phone : +971 800 600

Why to visit Grand Mosque

The mosque, which is in the heart of Dubai's religious and cultural life, boasts an impressive blue mosaic work that is well worth a visit. The structure is a mysterious piece of architectural design, with some of its most exotic elements include the world's largest carpet (60,570 square feet) and chandelier, as well as the capacity to hold more than 40,000 devotees for prayers, making it an attractive destination for worshipers. It has 82 vaults, and the 24-karat gold plated fixtures further add to the opulence. At the entrance, there are five enormous Quranic inscriptions. It features nine huge domes and 45 smaller domes, all of which have intricate geometrical sculptures. The mosque has a 70-meter-high minaret that resembles a lighthouse tower. The Grand Mosque's premises can accommodate 1,200 people for Namaz at any given moment.

Grand Mosque, also known as Grand Bur Dubai Masjid, was built in 1900 as a school for the study of the Quran, but it was razed in 1960 to make room for a new mosque. It was reconstructed in 1998, this time in a style more akin to the original from 1900. This mosque is one of the largest in Dubai and one of the largest mosques in the world, and it attracts people with its incredible architectural features. The mosque was designed by architect Yousef Abdelky and built over the course of 12 years with the help of over 3,000 employees and 38 different construction companies at a total cost of over 2 billion dollars. Its exquisite architecture is influenced by a variety of areas and mosques, including Alexandrian, Persian, and Mughal mosques, Egypt's Abu Al-Abbas Al-Muris Mosque, and Pakistan's Badshashi Mosque.

The mosque is located in Dubai's Bur District, directly across from the Dubai Museum. The mosque is close to the Al Fahidi metro station.

Special Tip

Non-Muslims are not permitted to enter the mosque during prayers. They can, however, go inside the minaret to examine the structure's architecture. Also, the mosque is open from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. from Saturday through Thursday, and from 4:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. on Friday.

By Atharva Yeshwardhan

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