Nishani Motte

Open Time : 6:00 am to 6:00 pm

Entry : paid

Address : Nishani Motte, Karnataka

Why to visit Nishani Motte

The 15-kilometer walking route starts in the Tala Cauvery forest range's untamed woodlands, which are home to uncommon plant and animal species as well as unusual wildlife.

Highlights of the Nishani Motte Trek:

  • Several adrenaline-pumping activities are included in the trek to Nishani Motte, such as river rafting, wildlife photography, jungle hiking, campfires, and environmental observation.
  • Additionally, there are a number of sacred religious locations near Nishani Motte that are well worth your time to visit.

Things to do at Nishani Motte:

  • Trekking: Since the trail to the peak starts from here and primarily travels through the forest area, Tala Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary must be included in your Nishani Motte hiking itinerary.
  • Camping: In the deep Shola forest of Tala Cauvery, Nishani Motte makes a wonderful camping location due to its verdant surroundings and serene environment.
  • Photography: The Nishani Motte is a fantastic location for both novice and experienced photographers. You will have no shortage of things to photograph as you begin your hike along Tala Cauvery's forest route.

Details about the Nishani Motte Trek:

Difficulty Level: Medium

Accommodation: Camps

Starting Point: Bhagamandala forest range

Trek Duration: 1 day

Trek Distance: 15 km (to and fro) 

Best time to trek: November to April

How to reach: From Bangalore, it is an overnight journey by bus to reach the Bhagamandala forest range in the Coorg district of Karnataka.

FAQ on Nishani Motte

What has made Nishani Motte famous ?

Nishani Motte, a little less well-known high peak in Coorg's Western Ghats, is one of South India's most well-known weekend getaway spots.

Is there any medical facilities near Nishani Motte Trek?

There aren't many hospitals or medical facilities along the walk to Nishani Motte because it's through a thick forest. The sole hospital that can be reached is the Vivus Madikeri Hospital, which is situated in the centre of Madikeri town and offers medical services to the inhabitants.

What level of mobile network connectivity is there at Nishani Motte?

Finding better connectivity at the pinnacle of Nishani Motte Peak, which is located at a height of 1270 metres, is not possible. However, the network connectivity will undoubtedly be stronger at the base than it is at the top.

How much difficult is the Nishani Motte Trek?

The Motte Trek is moderate to difficult because it is surrounded by dense forests, paddy fields, coffee estates, hills, and valleys.

What are the places to eat and stay near Nishani Motte?

Since the trail winds through a dense forest with no indication of a legitimate human settlement, there are no hotels or restaurants along the way to Nishani Motte. In the village, there are a few locals' huts where you can stay while traveling.

What are the places to visit near Nishani Motte ?

Bhagamandala, Kopatty Hills Trek and Talakaveri are the places to visit near Nishani Motte.

Special Tip

It is advised to start at around 9 AM from the Tala Cauvery base because it is a long-distance walking trail through a dense forest, so you can get to the summit before 3 PM while there is still some light. Trekkers need permits from the Forest Department for this trek. These licences are available from the FRH Office in Bhagamandala.

By Jasmine Kaur

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