Friday Market

Open Time : 10am to 6pm

Entry : free

Address : Coorg, Karnataka, India

Why to visit Friday Market

If you appreciate acquiring a flavor of a city's local culture, you must make a visit to Coorg's Friday market to see how the locals go about their daily lives. Fresh fruits and vegetables, spices, pepper, tea, coffee, nutmeg, and cardamom are just a few of the items available at this market.

  • The market knows how to attract people, and the Friday market in Madikeri is also well-known for selling ethnic jewellery in a variety of styles and colours.
  • The scent of sandalwood and fragrances fills the market.
  • There are also some bidri ware and metalware pieces available.
  • All of the products are fresh from the farm and are reasonably priced, so you can absolutely pick up some dry goods to take home with you.
  • Furthermore, the market is conveniently positioned near Coorg's railway station, making it accessible.

FAQ on Friday Market

What is the best thing to buy in Coorg's Friday market?,Which spice shop in Madikeri is the best?,

You may purchase their famed spices,such as nutmeg and cardamom,

Special Tip

You will be totally amazed at the vast collection of spices available in the market. Here you will find the best quality spices at an affordable price range for all your mouthwatering delightful delicious indian dishes.

By Rebecca Lal

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