Kotabetta Hill

Open Time : 6:00 am – 6:00 pm

Entry : free

Address : Kote Betta Peak, Sirangalli, Karnataka, India

Why to visit Kotabetta Hill

With a height of 1620 meters above sea level, Kote Betta is the third highest peak in Coorg and is located in the Hattihole locality, 15 kilometers from Madikeri. Kote Betta, which is a pidgin for Fort Hill The Kote Betta peak's panoramic views, particularly those of the Kumar Parvata hills and Harangi dam, must be seen to be believed.

The history behind Kota Betta Hill:

It is thought that the illustrious Pandavas from the Mahabharata spent a significant amount of their exile here and constructed a number of stone mansions that are still standing today.

Things to see and do near Kote Betta Hill:

  • Kote Betta, one of the top trekking locations, guarantees a wonderful experience to serious outdoor enthusiasts and hikers.

  • Since the area is a haven for nature lovers and photographers, it will be difficult to choose what to photograph and what to leave out.

  • Activities like singing, dancing, etc., cuddling up around a campfire with loved ones, or simply unwinding beneath a clear sky and twinkling stars leave enduring memories in the memory.

Timings: Open from 6 A.M. to  6 P.M. 365 days a year.

Height: It is 5314 ft (1620 m) above sea level.

Trek Duration: Total trekking distance is 10 km. Trekking duration depends on physical ability and experience. Experienced trekkers can reach Kote Betta in 3-4 hrs. 

Distance from Madikeri: 22 Km.

FAQ on Kotabetta Hill

How to reach Kota betta Hill?

There are no direct rail or air connections to Kote Betta. The main international airport, which is located the closest to Kote Betta, is in Mangalore. Mysuru Railway Station is the closest significant railway station to Kote Betta. The Subramanya Road Railway Station, which has minimal rail connectivity, is the closest local metro train station. Bangalore is 267 km away while Mangalore is 176 km away from Kote Betta. Kote Betta can be reached by driving in 5 hours from Bangalore and 4 hours from Mangalore. Buses are operated by Karnataka State Road Transport Service between Bangalore and Madikeri. From Madikeri to Somwarpet through Hattihole, the base station for Kote Betta, KSRTC and private buses are accessible.

When is the best time to visit Kote Betta Hills?

The Kote Betta Hills are best visited between November and February.

What restaurants are near Kota Betta Hills?

Barbeque Bay (12.2 km), Coorg Cuisine (13.8 km) and Sri Krishna Bhavan (13.1 km) are the restaurants near Kote Betta Hill.

What hotels are near Kota Betta Hills/

The Ibnii Spa Resort (12.8 km), Raisina Homestay (13 km) and Taj Madikeri Resort & Spa (13.2 km) are the hotels near Kota betta Hills..

What attractions are near Kota Betta Hills?

Mandal Patti, Abbey Falls and Raja's Seat are the attractions near Kota betta Hills?

Special Tip

It is expected of trekkers to carry all of their personal items. In order to keep your luggage light, only pack what is necessary. It is advised that visitors stay with the group and follow the instructor's instructions.  Alcohol & Smoking are absolutely forbidden. Honeybees are drawn to smoking, and their attack could be devastating.

By Abhilasha Prasad

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