Tiger Nest

Open Time : 9 am to 4 pm

Entry : paid

Address : Paro Taktsang སྤ་རོ་སྟག་ཚང་།, Taktsang Trail, Paro, Bhutan

Why to visit Tiger Nest

The Tiger Nest Monastery which also known as Paro Taktsang is a prominent Himalayan Buddhist sacred site and temple. In the hall of thousands of Buddha, a large statue of a tiger is located. The tiger is respected as the symbol of Paro Taktsang.

History of Tiger Nest Monastery

  • The Tiger's Nest Monastery in Bhutan has intricate legends attached to its history. Buddhism holds that Guru Padma Sambhava brought Buddhism to Bhutan.
  • In the eighth century, flying on the back of a tigress to the modern-day location of the monastery, where he meditated for three years, three months, three weeks, three days, and three hours. 
  • His tigress companion (who was a human disciple who transformed herself to assist him in his travels) changed back into a female human companion and achieved the status of a female Buddha by the age of thirty. 
  • Padma Sambhava's meditation overcame the darkness of the mountains and made the caves in the Tiger's Nest site holy.
  • In 1692, the Bhutan King Tenzin Rabgye built the monastery to commemorate the arrival of Buddhism to Bhutan. 

Things to do at Tiger’s Nest Monastery

  • Meditation
  • There are food outlets, you can enjoy delicious local food
  • You can explore the nearby local market or purchase souvenirs from the complex.
  • Trekking

Best time to visit Tiger’s Nest Monastery

  • The ideal seasons for visiting Tiger’s Nest are spring (March to mid-May) and autumn (late September to November).
  • Timings: From October to March it's open to visitors from 9 am to 4 pm and between April to September it stays open till 5 pm.

How to reach Tiger’s Nest Monastery?

You can reach the Tiger Nest Monastery either by foot or on the back of a horse. horse. Before you start your trek you have to cover a small 30 minute car ride from Paro to the parking lot.

Entry Fees: Entry fees for Taktsang monastery are 500nu (6095 INR according to the current exchange rate).

FAQ on Tiger Nest

Where is Tiger's Nest Monastery?

Tiger's Nest can be found in western Bhutan. It's situated just 10 km northwest of the town of Paro. It is not very far from Paro International Airport

How much does ticket cost to enter inside Tiger's Nest Monastery ?

Entry fees for Tiger's Nest Monastery are 500nu (6095 INR acc to the current exchange rate

How long and hard is the hike to reach Tiger's Nest Monastery ?

The trail is about 3 km (2 miles) one way, meaning you have a 6 km (4 miles) round trip, as there’s just a path to the monastery. The upwards hike should take you about two to three hours.

Do I need a guide to reach Tiger Nest Monastery?

No, you don't need a guide to reach Tiger's Nest

Is there any dress code for Tiger Nest Monastery?

There is no given dress code but keep temples and their decorum in your mind and dress accordingly. It is better that when you reach the temple you cover up your arms and legs if they aren’t already. You should also remove hats and shoes when entering any of the chapels.

When is the best time to visit Tiger Nest Monastery?

The ideal seasons for visiting Tiger’s Nest are spring (March to mid-May) and autumn (late September to November).

When is Tiger Nest Monastery open for visitors?

From October to March it's open to visitors from 9 am to 4 pm. And from April to September it stays open till 5 pm.

Special Tip

Carry all the necessary things for trekking like backpack, water and energy drink, hiking boot, walking stick, some snacks and carry less weight on your backpack so it won’t hinder your pace.

By Hammad Warsi

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