Snowman Trek

Open Time : Open 24 hours

Entry : free

Address : Bhutan

Why to visit Snowman Trek

The Snowman Trip has been dubbed "the world's most difficult trek." Each season, only a few people attempt it. The Laya Gasa Trek is expanded into the Snowman Trek (see below). You'll see Mt. Jumolhari (23,999 feet), Jichu Drake (21,856 feet), and other mountains in Bhutan, Tibet, and India along the trip. River valleys, alpine meadows, pastures, orchards, and rhododendron forests are all part of the walk. You'll see animals like blue sheep, yaks, and griffon vultures as you travel through stunning waterfalls and lakes. Because the area is so desolate, you won't see many settlements except at the beginning and conclusion.

The Snowman Trek has a well-deserved reputation. Along the trip, several high passes of around 16,000 feet must be crossed. It's also necessary to camp more than once above 16,400 feet. Tents may also need to be pitched in the snow, depending on the season. There isn't any Himalayan journey that compares to it for fit, dedicated, and experienced trekkers. Between mid-June and mid-November is the greatest time to go on this hike.

Special Tip

Many people experience the affects of altitude, such as difficulties breathing and sleeping regularly, when they are high in the mountains. While the effects of altitude are unpredictable and do not often correspond to fitness levels, attempting the Snowman Trek requires you to be an experienced high-altitude trekker.

By Atharva Yeshwardhan

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