Wagah Border

Open Time : 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Entry : free

Address : wagah border, Grand Trunk Road, Wagah, Hardo Rattan, Amritsar, Punjab, India

Why to visit Wagah Border

The Wagah borders marks the frontier between India and Pakistan, along the Grand Trunk Road, at a distance of 22 km from Lahore, Pakistan and 28 km from Amritsar. The main attraction is the Wagah Border Ceremony, which is held every day. Every night before sunset, Indian and Pakistani military soldiers meet at this frontier post to show off their military fellowship and showmanship for about 30 minutes.In this ceremony, the international gate is closed and the flags of these two countries lowered. Since 1959, the Indian Border Safety Force and Pakistan Rangers have been carrying out the flag ceremony.

Special Tip

It is advisable to get there well in time and carry a pair of binoculars.

By Abhilasha Prasad

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