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    Foy Sagar Lake

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    Foy Sagar Lake

    The Lake, which overlooks the Aravalli Alps, is an excellent picnic area for tourists. Consider visiting the lake in the evening to capture a sight of a jaw dropping sunset.

    Why to visit this place

    The Foy Sagar has been a picturesque and vital source of water, especially portable, since its creation in 1892. This lake is 14,000,000 square feet in size and can retain 15 million cubic feet of water. The natural beauty of this spectacular lake astounds passersby. It resembles a pancake due to its peculiar flat shape. The park is bordered by a large park. During the winter, the location is a popular picnic spot for locals.

    Near the year 1892, Lake Foy Sagar was built in Ajmer, Rajasthan, as a Famine Relief Project. It was designed by Mr. Foy, an English architect, and is named for him. The only goal of Lake Foy Sagar was to alleviate the paucity of water in Ajmer during a drought. The adjacent Aravalli mountains can be seen from Lake Foy Sagar.

    How to reach ?

    • By airport: The nearest airport to Foy Sagar Lake is Jaipur Airport (141 km), which has regular domestic flights to Delhi and Mumbai.

    • By rail: Foy Sagar Lake is well connected to major cities railway stations such as Delhi, Agra, Mumbai, Chennai, Bikaner, Pali, Jaipur, and Ahmedabad via the nearby Ajmer Railway station (9 km).

    More About Foy Sagar Lake

    When is it best to visit Foy Sagar Lake?

    Between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. is the best time to visit the lake.

    What is there to do in Foy Sagar Lake?

    You can come here for recreational and leisure activities.

    How long does it take to visit Foy Sagar Lake?

    One hour is required to visit Foy Sagar Lake.

    Special Tip:

    It is preferable to visit the lake when the monsoon season has passed. You might even see peacocks and peahens if you're lucky.


    Open Time : 6:00 am to 7:00 pm

    Entry : free

    Address : Foy Sagar Lake, Rajasthan

    By Atharva Yeshwardhan

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