Ana Sagar Lake

Open Time : 8:00 am to 8:00 pm

Entry : free

Address : Ana Sagar Lake, Ajmer, Rajasthan

Why to visit Ana Sagar Lake

The Ana Sagar Lake is flanked by the Daulat Bagh Gardens, a magnificent landscape with wide open spaces and rich foliage, and the Khobra Behroon temple, two prominent Ajmer sites that people want to visit in conjunction with a day excursion to the captivating lake. Ajmer's main city is only 13 kilometres away from the lake. In the middle of the lake, there lies an island. Boating and water scooter rides are popular among visitors. The lake is around 4.4 metres deep and covers a 12-kilometer area.

It is a lovely manmade lake that was constructed in the 12th century by Prithviraj Chauhan's grandfather, Anaji Chauhan, hence the word Ana Sagar Lake. Shah Jahan's 'Baradari,' or arcades, and Emperor Jehangir's Daulat Bagh Gardens are examples of later additions. On a hill near the waterfront, there is a circuit house that was once a British residency. The lake has six entrances, the most prominent of which is the Mihrab Gate, which is named for a valiant soldier of the time.

How to reach ?

• The Jaipur International Airport is the closest airport.

• The Ajmer Dargah Junction Station is the closest railway station.

Fun Fact :-

When the Sufi saint Moinuddin Chishti landed in Ajmer, legend has it that he and his disciples were forbidden from drinking in Ana Sagar's waters. He asked for a cup of water, which was supplied. The lake's water miraculously dried up after the cup was filled. People asked the saint to return the water, and he did so graciously.

FAQ on Ana Sagar Lake

Is it possible to visit Anasagar Lake in the summer?

During the summer the lake may dry up.

Which river feeds the Anna Sagar Lake in Rajasthan's Ajmer district?

The water coming from the mountains originates in the Aravalli mountains and fills the lake.

Special Tip

The months of October through March are the finest for visiting the lake. Moreover, admission to the lake is free, but if you want to go boating on the lake, the cost is approximately INR 160.

By Haniya Aamir

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