Dargah Bazaar

Open Time : 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Entry : free

Address : Dargah Bazar, Ajmer, Rajasthan, India

Why to visit Dargah Bazaar

Visitors visiting Khwaja Moinuddin's tomb may purchase flowers, a cloth to cover their heads, wreaths, incense sticks, and other goods. Dargha Bazaar offers everything. Even if you don't have any of the aforementioned items, you won't have any problems. Other businesses in the market sell clothing, bed linens, table cloths, and other products manufactured with the tie and dye technique, which is an important element of Rajasthan's culture.

The area surrounding the Moinuddin Chishti Dargah is home to a bustling bazaar and a foodie's paradise. It's similar to Delhi's Paharganj, with a slew of tiny hotels and lodges catering to visitors to the dargah. Locals, particularly women in colourful dress, can be seen performing their daily business in this bazaar, assuring you that you are in vivid Rajasthan.

There are a few tiny restaurants that allow you to sit and eat comfortably, and some even have air conditioning. Ajmer's sohan halwa is well-known and may be sent back home, while Dilliwallas claim Chandni Chowk has the greatest.

FAQ on Dargah Bazaar

Can I locate suitable return gifts in these gift shops?

The majority of gift shops provide a large assortment of products to choose from. If you tell the shopkeeper your budget

Is it possible to find occasion-specific gifts in Ajmer's gift shops?

he or she can assist you in finding appropriate items.

Special Tip

As there is generally a large throng in the bazaar, be wary of pickpockets. Flowers, incense sticks, and clothing are the nicest things to buy here.

By Inaaya Sharma

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