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Address : Neermahal, Rudijala, Tripura, India

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Why to visit Neermahal

The Neermahal, also known as "The Lake Palace of Tripura," is the biggest palace of its sort in the whole Indian Subcontinent. This stunning piece of architecture gets its name from where it stands, smack in the centre of Rudrasagar Lake. One of our nation's two water palaces is this one.

Activities in Neermahal :-

Watching the light and sound spectacle takes place in the evenings at Neermahal. It familiarises individuals with the location's and its owners' cultural heritage. Water sports are also available on the royal grounds.

The light and sound spectacle, which cost 1.20 crore, was created in 2003 by a Finnish company. In addition to this, you can see migratory birds in the Rudrasagar Lake.

Neermahal Water Festival :-

The government holds a three-day "Neermahal Water Festival" every year in the months of August and December premised on the palace's position. The swimming and boat races draw the most spectators.

These small-scale cultural events coexist with one another. It enables you to take part in the festivities both in the summer and the winter. Amazing food, a lively atmosphere, and the magnificence of the palace guarantee you lifetime memories.

Architecture of Neermahal :-

The palace fusion of Muslim and Hindu design. Its building made great use of marble and sandstone. The Andar Mahal and an outdoor theatre are its two main sections. The latter is located in the eastern portion of the palace, while the former is located in the west.

For the exclusive use of the royal family, Andar Mahal was created. In the open space, performances of drama, dance, and other cultural events took place. There are 2 stairs and 24 rooms in it. These steps were designed to descend onto the Rudrasagar Lake.

History of Neermahal :-

Neermahal was built in 1921 by Maharaja Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya, the final ruler of Tripura, as a royal summer retreat. The palace, which took about 9 years to complete, was designed and built by the king using the services of the British business Martin & Burn Co. 

Tickets are available at the on-site ticket desk.

FAQ on Neermahal

How long does it take to tour Neermahal?

Neermahal can be explored in about an hour.

What time does the Neermahal light and sound show start?

The show doesn't have a set start time, but it usually happens in the evening.

Where can I stay that is closest to Neermahal?

The Sagarmahal Tourist Lodge from Tripura Tourism is the greatest spot to stay while visiting the Neermahal. The lodge's location right next to the lake is fantastic. In Melaghar, there isn't any other quality lodging available.

What is the cost of admission to the Neermahal palace?

The entrance price to the palace is INR 5 per person, and INR 10 is required to bring a camera.

How much does boating in Neermahal cost?

If you take a shared boat, you will be charged INR 30 per person, and if you reserve the entire boat for yourself, you will be charged INR 450.

How to reach Neermahal?

Neermahal located in Rudijala, close to 50 kilometres from Agartala, and is well connected by road. To get to the palace, you can take a bus or order a taxi. Since there are several bus services in Agartala, getting around is simple. A half-hour is needed to go reach the palace.

Special Tip

Winter is the greatest season to visit the palace because there are many migratory birds nearby and the water doesn't dry up. Try not to visit during the summer. Don't forget to bring your camera so you can capture the sunset from the palace in beautiful shots!

By Atharva Yeshwardhan

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