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Unleash 5 Things To Do In Kasol

Written By: Abhilasha Prasad

Who doesn't wish to live into the saying,Life doesn't come with a replay button, so make every moment count, And in the ethereal land of Kasol, those dreams come alive. From trekking to hidden waterfalls to experiencing the thrill of paragliding amidst the breathtaking vistas, embrace the spirit of camaraderie as you bond with fellow travelers, savoring Israeli cuisine by the bonfire.  Here are the 5 amazing things to do in Kasol to beat the summer heat.

1. Stroll around Malana Village

2. Thrilling trek to Kheerganga 

3. Riverside camping at Parvati River

4. Enjoy the Music Festival at Kasol

5. Immerse yourself in the flavors of  Israeli cuisine

1. Stroll around Malana Village

This village is often referred to as 'Little Greece of India', and is about 21 km away from Kasol. Trekking to Malana Village is an amusing thing to do in Kasol. You can visit Jamlu Devi Temple and Chandrakhani Peak during the trek. One can also indulge in camping and Jeep Safari. You can explore local shops and markets to find unique handicrafts and traditional Malana products. 

  • Tips: Try to avoid trekking in winter as the snow makes it troublesome to go ahead. 

  • Best Time To Visit: December to February

  • Ideal Duration: 1 day

  • Nearby Attractions: Kasol (21 km), Tosh (22 km) 

2. Thrilling Trek to Kheer Ganga

Trekking to Kheerganga from Barshaini is a captivating experience. The scenic trail takes you through lush forests, gushing streams, and picturesque landscapes. After the challenging yet rewarding trek, you can relax in the natural hot springs, surrounded by the majestic Himalayas. 

  • Trek Starting point: Barshaini

  • Ideal Duration: 4 to 6 hours

  • Distance: 12 km

  • Best Time To Trek: May to November

  • Nearby Attractions: Tosh Village (6 km), Rudranag Waterfall (3 km) 

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3. Enjoy Riverside Camping at Parvati River

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