Rajpuri Caves

Open Time : 6:00 am to 6:00 pm

Entry : free

Address : Rajpuri Caves/ Karthik Caves, Rajapuri, Maharashtra, India

Website :

Phone : 020 2612 6867

Why to visit Rajpuri Caves

There are four caves, and there are several water kunds all around these old caves. The Lord Kartikeya Temple, which was allegedly constructed using sand extracted from the caves, is the primary draw of Rajpuri Caves. Numerous stone plates with writings can be found at the cave's entrance. In front of the caverns are two traditional representations of Nandi. One of the two photos is located directly across from the cave's entrance.

The location of one of the four caverns is distinct from the others. Here is a historical representation of Lord Kartikeya. Underground tunnels connect the other three caverns. The first cave has a kund that receives water continuously from the mouth of a revered Gomukh.

According to Legends... 

These caverns are thought to have been used by Lord Kartikeya for religious ceremonies and penance. Additionally, it is claimed to have served as the Pandavas' exiled residence. It is believed by devotees that bathing in these sacred kunds will cure them of all ailments and evils. 

FAQ on Rajpuri Caves

How are Rajpuri Caves accessible?

Jeeps and other heavy vehicles with four-wheel drive are the greatest types of transportation. At the sightseeing tour in the hill station, motorbikes are offered for rent. The Pune-Mumbai expressway provides excellent transportation connections from Panchgani to all region of the nation.

What lodging options are there close to Rajpuri Caves?

Summer Plaza and Hotel Millennium Park are two hotels close to Rajpuri Caves.

Does it cost anything to enter the Rajpuri Caves?

No, there is no admission charge to see the Rajpuri Caves.

Special Tip

Due to the approach road's extreme narrowness, cars can be parked on the main road and people can walk into the settlement. The cave temples are accessible by a short distance and a set of stone stairs that descend from an archway.

By Mehrosh Shamim

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