Pratapgarh Fort

Open Time : 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM

Entry : free

Address : Pratapgad Fort, Maan Road, Hinjawadi, Pune, Maharashtra, India

Why to visit Pratapgarh Fort

The fort is situated in Maharashtra's Satara district at an altitude of 3454 feet. The fort was erected to protect the Par Pass and was essential in the protection of the Wai region. From afar, the fort appears to be a round tipped hill, with the bottom fort's walls creating the idea that the fort is a crown on the cliff side. The citadel of the fort was later permitted by Shivaji and completed by Moropant Pingale, the Maratha Empire's first Peshwa or chief minister. The defences are mostly still intact, and it's a famous tourist attraction. At the finish of the motorable road, there is a watchtower just next to the Mahadarwaza, or main entrance. A statue of Shivaji Maharaj in his full splendour, placed some 60 years ago, may be found there. At the summit of the fort lies a Bhawani temple, as well as a cultural library exhibiting the fort's history. On the way to Pratapgad from the base village, there is a handicrafts area that attracts a lot of people.

FAQ on Pratapgarh Fort

Is there a good time to visit Pratapgarh Fort?

The winter months are the finest time to see this fort. This heritage site is also open during the holidays. It is sponsored by Maharashtra tourism and falls under the Maharashtra tour agency.

Is there a restaurant close to the fort?

There are a number of good eateries in and around the fort that provide good food. At addition, in the hamlet of Wada, from where the motorable route to the fort's base begins, homemade food is available.

Is it necessary to pay an entrance charge to visit Pratapgarh Fort?

The fort does not charge an entrance fee.

How do you get to the fort?

This fort is located 25 kilometres from Mahabaleshwar, and buses to this fort are available. It is not difficult to reach the fort thanks to a government-built road.

Special Tip

If you want to tour forts, there are numerous to choose from, like Satara and Konkan. Also, wear comfortable shoes because you will be trekking up the hill.

By Haniya Aamir

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