Mughal Darbar Restaurant

Open Time : 9:30am–10:00pm

Entry : free

Address : New Mughal Darbar Bakery and Restaurant Ground Floor, Baghe Ali Mardan Khan, Gagribal, Srinagar

Website : http://www.mughaldarbar.in/

Phone : 0194 245 8455

Why to visit Mughal Darbar Restaurant

Mughal Durbar is the face of Kashmiri cuisine, particularly Wazwan, which is the most talked-about of all the dishes. If you are a meat lover, you should not miss this multi-course, shared dinner. The restaurant's appeal stems from the authenticity of the flavours of dishes that haven't altered in decades or generations. Another important aspect of their enormous success is that they assure consistency in quality across all of their dishes.

 Visiting the restaurant is a typical entry on the bucket lists of most travellers visiting the valley since they give quality and quantity at inexpensive pricing.People who enjoy snow should come to Srinagar in the winter to see some of the most beautiful snowfalls and have some sizzling hot comfort cuisine like tabak maas or gushtaba at the Mughal Darbar.

The nearest airport to the restaurant is Srinagar Airport, which is only 11.6 kilometres away, making it quite accessible. In fact, once you arrive in the city, you can immediately go here for a lunch.

FAQ on Mughal Darbar Restaurant

Is there a hot tub for visitors at Mughal?

There is.. in fact.. a hot tub. On this website

When does the hotel remain close?

you can learn more about this and other Mughal Darbar Hotel amenities.

Special Tip

You should definitely try their signature dish wazwan Tareemi. As they have a wide variety in unusual chicken dishes includes chicken meals, such as chicken mirchi korma, chilli chicken, tandoori kitchen, and more.

By Abhilasha Prasad

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