Dudhsagar Falls

Open Time : 11:00 to 17:00

Entry : free

Address : Dudhsagar Falls, Sonaulim, Goa, India

Why to visit Dudhsagar Falls

The waterfall is in the Sanguem district of Goa, about 60 kilometers from the state capital, Panaji. It's near the Karnataka border and easy to reach from both states. It's one of the tallest waterfalls in India, standing at around 310 meters (1017 feet) high and about 100 feet wide, with four tiers. Its fame grew after featuring in the hit Bollywood movie "Chennai Express" in 2013. Tourists can enjoy this natural marvel year-round, except during the monsoon season when the roads are shut. The roads usually reopen in October.

Things to Do

Dudhsagar Waterfall Trek: Adventure enthusiasts can enjoy trekking to the waterfall, with four different routes available, each offering a distinct adventurous experience. One popular trek begins from Kuveshi village, while others start from Castle Rock railway station, Collem railway station, or Kulem railway station, crossing the Mandovi River. Alternatively, you can also opt for a jeep safari to reach the waterfall.

  • Camping: Located in the midst of nature, this popular waterfall in Goa is perfect for camping. You can pick any camping service or stay at the forest guesthouse managed by the Karnataka Tourism Development Corporation. There are also many options for both luxury and budget accommodations in Madgaon.
  • Swimming: You can have fun swimming in the pools made by the waterfall, which is a delightful experience. It's also a great spot for picnics.
  • Dudhsagar Devi Temple: Visit the Dudhsagar Devi Temple to add a spiritual dimension to your experience.


Dudhsagar, the renowned waterfall in Goa, gets its name, "Sea of Milk," from a myth. Legend has it that a beautiful princess adored this place. Every day, she bathed in a lake near the Mandovi River and sipped sweetened milk from a golden jug afterward. One day, while bathing, she spotted a handsome prince watching her. To shield her modesty, she poured the milk from her golden jug, creating a milky curtain. It's said that even today, the milk cascades down the mountain slope, honoring the virtues of the princess.


The entrance to the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary opens at 7 AM and closes at 5 PM. It's a good idea to arrive on time to have the entire day to enjoy the breathtaking views of Dudhsagar waterfall.

Ticket Price

Entry Fee: ₹ 100 per person

Jeep drive from Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary to Dudhsagar Falls: Starts about ₹560 per person (from the jeep drop point there’s 15 minutes walk to the fall)

Life Jacket Charges: ₹40 per person

More info on Jeep Ride 

The tour runs from 8 AM to 3 PM, so aim to get to the DTOA (Dudhsagar Tour Operator Association) office in Collem before 1:00 PM. You can book online until 3 PM on the day of your visit, if there are seats available. 

Each jeep can hold up to 7 people. You can reserve your own jeep or opt for sharing at the DTOA office in Collem. Remember to bring one of the following government-approved photo IDs for verification: Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Driving License, Voter ID, or Passport. Once your jeep is assigned, rent life jackets and hop on. At Dudhsagar Falls, you'll have 1 hour and 30 minutes to soak in the stunning views.  

Best time to visit: October to February 

Suggested Duration: 2-3 hours approx

Special Tip

The best time to visit Dudhsagar Falls is right after the monsoon, when the water is gushing. Tourists who wish to take a dip can rent a life jacket from vendors at the attraction.

By Rebecca Lal

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