Anjuna Beach

Open Time : Open 24 hours

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Address : Anjuna Beach, Goa

Why to visit Anjuna Beach

Anjuna, also known as the "jewel of Ozran," rose to fame as a hippie hotspot in the swinging 1960s and continues to carry the same feel today. When you are here, you will definitely encounter a diverse group of visitors from all over the world! Anjuna is a favourite destination for both frequent visitors and first-timers because to its appeal.

History of Anjuna Beach:

  • The Anjuna beach is thought to have been found in the 1960s by a group of vacationers who came this region during the summer months for parties. 
  • It gained attention for its trance parties and hippy lifestyle.

Main draw of the Anjuna Beach:

  • There are many wonderful activities available in the Goa beach of Anjuna. Diving, snorkelling, banana boat rides, jet skiing, and parasailing are just a few of the spectacular water sports offered at Anjuna Beach. Here, you may even go swimming and sunbathing.
  • Trance parties, which draw lots of people to attend them, are a popular component of the nightlife on Anjuna Beach. Anjuna Beach in Goa is renowned for its full moon parties, also known as acid house parties, which feature all-night dancing, trance music, and food.
  • Tourists and locals gather every Wednesday to shop at the popular Anjuna Beach flea market, which is known as the Wednesday flea market.

FAQ on Anjuna Beach

When is the best time to visit Anjuna Beach?

The winter months, which typically last from November to March, are the best time to explore Anjuna Beach. At this time of year, Goa's weather is pretty pleasant and breezy. However, you might wish to carry a spare wool garment. The temperature is between 21 and 33 degrees Celsius. The summers wouldn't be ideal for holidays because they would be hot.

How to reach Anjuna Beach?

From the airport, you can either take a pre-paid taxi or a local bus. Take a bus to Panaji by walking to the bus stop if you want to go by bus. The same journey is taken once more, this time by another bus from Mapusa to Anjuna beach. The ride is practical and reasonably priced.

What hotels are near Anjuna Beach?

Hotels near Anjuna Beach: (0.03 km) Hill View Guest House (0.06 km) Hippie Hostel Anjuna (0.10 km) Radha Guest House

What restaurants are near Anjuna Beach?

Restaurants near Anjuna Beach: (0.15 km) Eva Cafe (0.18 km) Moon Star Beer Bar & Restaurant (0.20 km) Guru Bar

What attractions are near Anjuna Beach?

The majestic Albuquerque Mansion erected in 1920, the Mascarenhas Mansion, and the Chapora Fort are the main attractions of Anjuna Beach. These structures are surrounded by octagonal towers and have gorgeous Mangalore tile roofs.

Special Tip

At Anjuna Beach, thrilling water activities like diving, snorkelling, banana boat rides, jet skiing, and parasailing are available. Even swimming and sunbathing are available here.

By Sparsh Kapoor

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