Belavadi Veernarayana Temple

Open Time : 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Entry : free

Address : Sri Veeranarayana Swamy Temple (Trikutaachala), Belavadi, Karnataka, India

Phone : 090350 41518

Why to visit Belavadi Veernarayana Temple

Belavadi is well-known for its Hoysala-style Sri Veera Narayana Temple. Three different manifestations of Lord Vishnu are worshipped at this temple. Although Belur is well known for its sculpture, this temple is one of the outstanding specimens of Hoysala architecture.

What's inside the Belavadi Veernarayana Temple?

  • The trikuta (three vimana) type temple has Sri Veera Narayana in the middle facing east, Sri Venugopala to the north, and Sri Yoganarasimha to the south.
  • An eight-foot-tall, four-handed statue of Veera Narayana can be found in the main temple.
  • In the northern shrine, there is a 7-foot-tall statue of Yoganarasimha holding Shanka and Chakra while sitting, with Sridevi and Bhoodevi standing to either side. 
  • A square garbhagriha, a sukanasi, a Ranga mandapa, and a square maha mantapa can be found on the temple's western side. 

Timings of Belavadi Veernarayana Temple: The Veeranarayana temple at Belavadi opens at 8 AM and closes at 6 PM. 

Places to visit near Belavadi Veernarayana Temple:

  •  Hemavati Reservoir
  • Hemagiri Waterfalls
  • Baahubali Statue
  • Kemmangundi
  • Hebbe Falls

Hoysala temples near Belavadi Veernarayana Temple:

  • Sadashiva temple at Nuggehalli
  • Chenna Keshava temple at Javagal
  • Ishvara temple at Arsikere
  • Sadashiva temple at Nuggehalli
  • Lakshmi Narasimha temple at Haranhalli

Transportation at Belavadi Veernarayana Temple:

Although there are a few private buses that run alongside KSRTC buses, it's best to drive your own vehicle because it will be speedier.

Best time at Belavadi Veernarayana Temple: November to January 

Distance (from Halebidu): 12 Kms

Trip duration: 2 hours approx 

FAQ on Belavadi Veernarayana Temple

Is a guide readily available at Belavadi Veernarayana Temple?

There are no guided tours available at the temple. The best way to find out more about the temple is to speak with the priest, or you may look online and find a guide.

When is the ideal time to visit Belavadi Veernarayana Temple?

November-January is the greatest time to visit as the weather is pretty good.

Is it permitted to take pictures or record video within the Belavadi Veernarayana Temple?

It is not permitted to take photos within the temple. Just outside the temple is permitted. Additionally, drones and videography are not permitted near the Veera Narayana Temple.

What are the nearby Belavadi Veernarayana Temple?

The nearby attractions are Hemavati Reservoir (68.6 km), Hemagiri Waterfalls (35.5 km), Kemmangundi (76.8 km), Hebbe Falls (80.4 km) .

How far is Halebidu from the Belavadi Veernarayana Temple?

The Belavadi Veernarayana Temple is located 12 kilometres from Halebidu.

What amount of time does it take to tour Belavadi Veernarayana Temple?

It takes roughly two hours to explore Belavadi Veernarayana Temple. There are two closed mantapas in the temple complex, one with thirteen bays and the other with nine, both of which have a central shrine at their ends.

What Hoysala temples are nearby Belavadi Veernarayana Temple?

There are some Hoysala temples nearby which are Sadashiva temple at Nuggehalli, Chenna Keshava temple at Javagal, Ishvara temple at Arsikere, Sadashiva temple at Nuggehalli, Lakshmi Narasimha temple at Haranhalli.

What time does the Belavadi Veernarayana Temple open and close?

At Belavadi, the Veeranarayana temple is open from 8 AM till 6 PM.

What hotels are nearby Belavadi Veernaryana Temple?

There are no significant hotels in Belavadi, therefore it would be wise to stay in Hassan or Chikmagalur instead.

Special Tip

Carrying food from either Hassan or Chikmagalur is advised. Alternatively, meals is also available at Halebeedu. There isn't an ATM here; Halebeedu or Javagal have the closest ones.

By Inaaya Sharma

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