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    Tapt Kund

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    Tapt Kund

    Lord Agni is said to have lived here

    Why to visit this place

    Tapt Kund, a natural hot water spring near the Badrinath Temple that heats to 45 degrees Celsius, is said to be Lord Agni's residence. Visitors can take restorative baths along the Alaknanda riverside. The kund's water is thought to have medical capabilities, healing a variety of skin ailments. Before entering Badrinath Temple, devotees take a plunge in the Tapt Kund. It is said to purify the soul

    Special Tip:

    Must take a bath as it has medicinal properties that cures skin diseases


    Open Time : 6am-8pm

    Entry : free

    Address : Tapt Kund Hot Water Spring, Badri to Mata Murti Road, Badrinath, Uttarakhand, India

    By Aryan Prasad

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