10 Thrilling Watersports In Goa To Dive Into Adventure

Written By: Abhilasha Prasad

Goa is a tiny state where the sun always shines, the sand is always warm, and the party never ends. It is where hippies, backpackers, and luxury vacationers rub shoulders on the same beach, and trance music drifts through the air. Goa is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts because of its many activities. Here are ten popular watersports in Goa

1. Sailing

2. Kayaking

3. Water Zorbing

4. Windsurfing

5. Wakeboarding

6. Whitewater Rafting

7. Waterskiing

8. Surfing

9. Jet Ski 

10. Ringo Ride

1. Sailing

Sailing near Dona Paula is one of the most well-known things in Goa to indulge in. The activity can last up to 45 minutes or one hour. You can partake in the morning or evening. One can spot dolphins and witness glorious sunsets and mesmerizing sunrise. 

  • Adventure Level: Easy 

  • Price: Starts from 8000 INR per person

  • Location: Dona Paula 

  • Best Season: March to May

  • Tips: Children under 12 years of age are not allowed to participate in this activity.

Among various types of sailing activity, two of the most popular in Goa are Parasailing and Dinghy Sailing.

1.1 Parasailing: 

The participant will be tied to a  parachute in this sport, and the other end will be connected to a speedboat. You will be pulled up in the air as the motorboat moves at a height of 300 to 500 feet.  The activity only lasts for 15 minutes. 

  • Price: Starts from 500 INR per person

1.2. Dinghy Sailing:

Dinghy sailing is similar to windsurfing, often called ‘beer and sandwich,’ as the ride is so smooth and pleasurable. The dinghy is 15 feet long and can accommodate 3 to 4 people. It is also available to hire for tourists. 

  • Price: Starts from  8000 INR per person

2. Kayaking

Paddling along the mangroves, backwaters, and mini bays, Kayaking is the calmest and most relaxing water activity. It is an ideal way to explore beautiful beaches in Goa without spending so much money. Try this activity when the sunlight is pleasant and the crowd is less so you can witness the real beauty of nature. 

  • Adventure Level: Easy

  • Price: Starts from 500 INR to 900 INR per person

  • Location: Patolem Beach

  • Best Season: October to May

  • Tips: Avoid Kayaking during rain or when the sea is rough

3. Water Zorbing

Water Zorbing is one of the favorite water activities in Goa among children. In this sport, you will be placed in a giant transparent ball on the water for pure enjoyment. The arb can hold one or two people at a time, giving you a memorable floating experience on the water's surface. 

  • Adventure Level: Moderate

  • Price: Starts from 500 INR per person

  • Location: Mayem Lake

  • Best Season: April to June

  • Tips: Wear comfortable clothing. Also, avoid eating for an hour before trying your hands on this activity.

4. Windsurfing

This sport is a combination of surfing and sailing. In this activity, you will have to adjust your strength and body balance to change the position of the sailboard to the direction of air and water. You should do this activity in the afternoon when the waves do not peak. 

  • Adventure Level: Moderate

  • Price: Starts from 1500 INR per person

  • Location: Vagator Beach, Calangute Beach

  • Best Season: January to March

  • Tips: Only try this if you are an experienced windsurfer. 

5. Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding is known to be a popular watersport in Goa. It boasts a single and heavy board. The rider is towed behind the motorboat possessing 50 km per hour of speed. It is a 15-minute activity. 

  • Adventure Level: Easy

  • Price: Starts from 1000 INR per person

  • Location: Upper Sauri, Candolim Beach

  • Best Season: October to May

  • Tips: Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. 

6. Whitewater Rafting

White water rafting is one of the must-do watersports in Goa if you visit in the monsoon. It is done on rivers, along river beds where the terrain is rugged and the water currents are strong. This activity involves good boat handling, rowing prowess, and the ability to work well with others on the boat.

  • Adventure Level: Moderate

  • Price: Start from 1800 INR per person

  • Location: Tilari River

  • Best Season: All 

  • Tips: You should carry ID proofs and listen to your leader’s command.

7. Water Skiing

This water activity in Goa is for the one who loves thrill and speed because you will be tied to a motorboat as you must tightly grip the rope attached to a speedboat when water skiing, an appropriate balance is required. You will eventually find yourself swaying left and right to stay afloat as the motorboat keeps moving faster and faster.

  • Adventure Level: Difficult

  • Price: Starts from 800 to 1200 INR per person

  • Location: Baga Beach, Candolim Beach

  • Best Season: October to February

  • Tips: A life jacket is a must to wear.

8. Surfing

One of the best spots to surf in Goa is Arambol Beach. The surfing activity involves using a surfboard to travel across the top of breaking waves in an ocean or other body of water. Surfers paddle out to the area where the waves are breaking and then attempt to catch one by rapidly paddling in its direction, standing up, and riding the tide back to shore.

  • Adventure Level: Moderate

  • Price: Starts from 3000 INR per person

  • Location: Arambol Beach

  • Best Season: May to September

  • Tips: Do not take meal before 45 mins of your surfing activity.

9. Jet Ski

Jet skiing is one of the most thrilling and popular water sports in Calangute Beach. This water activity is ideal for you if you enjoy moving quickly. A jet ski trip involves a jet-powered water scooter that will transport you to breathtaking places close to the beach; the chill will run through your veins as you ride.

  • Adventure Level: Easy 

  • Price: Starts from 1500 INR per person

  • Location: Candolim Beach, Calangute

  • Best Season: October to March

  • Tips: It is required to have at least 11 years of age to perform this activity

10. Ringo Ride

Tourists who enjoy water activities are enormous fans of Ringo Rides in Goa. A Ringo Ride involves forcing someone to sit inside an inflated ring attached to a speedboat. The individual is led through twists, turns, and bottoms up. This equipment adds to the ride's excitement.

  • Adventure Level: Easy

  • Price: Starts from 1800 INR per person

  • Location: Mobor Beach

  • Best Season: October

  • Tips: You should carry clothes and know how to swim before trying the activity

Other Water Activities To Participate In Goa:

  • Kneeboarding: Start from 1800 INR per person (Mobor Beach)

  • Paddleboarding: Start from 1500 INR per person  (Candolim Beach)

  • Flyboarding: Start from 2500 INR per person (Bauna beach)

  • Parasailing: Start from 850 INR per person (Calangute Beach)

  • Scuba Diving: Start from 1700 INR per person (Grande Island)

  • Snorkeling: Starts from 1500 INR per person (Bat Island, Monkey Beach)

  • Banana Boat Ride: Start from 450 INR per person (Anjuna Beach) 

  • Canyoning: Starts from 2800 INR per person (Upper Sauri)

  • Bumper Boat: Starts from 800 INR for two persons (Dona Paula Beach)

  • Speed Boating: Starts from 450 INR per person (Malim Village)

  • Kite surfing: Starts from 3000 INR per person (Baga Beach)

Do's And Don’ts During Watersports:

  • Remember: It's essential, to be honest about your swimming ability and fitness level before trying a watersport.’

  • Check the weather: Check the weather forecast before heading for a watersport. Avoid monsoon season and stormy wind.

  • Beware of marine life: Keep an eye out for any marine life creatures, such as jellyfish or sea urchins. Avoid touching them, or you may get injured or stung.

  • Listen to the instructions: Knowing the safety rules and regulations is essential, so listen to the instructor before trying your hands on any activity.

  • Stay hydrated: Keep yourself well-hydrated before and after trying water activities. 

  • Food: Make sure you don’t fill yourself right before the activity, still, if you're hungry, you can try energy bars and fruits to energize your body.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Goa beach is ideal for water sports?

Goa has many beaches where visitors can engage in one or more kinds of water sports. Nonetheless, Calangute, Baga, Dona Anjuna, and Sinquerim are the best and most popular beaches for such activities.

Which month in Goa is ideal for water sports?

From October to May, when the skies are clear and blue and the waters are calm, is the most fantastic time to visit Goa if you want to experience the adrenaline-pumping adventure water sports the area offers.

What is the most popular water sport in Goa?

The most popular activity in Goa is windsurfing. It brings together the thrill of cruising and surfing. A surfboard that is two to three meters long will do. The board is propelled across the water by the wind.

What clothing should I bring to Goa for water sports?

When trying out watersports in Goa, you should dress comfortably in shorts, cotton t-shirts, sunglasses, sarongs, and casual clothing.

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