Savin Kingdom

Open Time : 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

Entry : paid

Address : Hong Kong Market, Satyajit Roy Colony Rd, Ward 41, Don Bosco Colony, Siliguri, West Bengal, India

Website :

Phone : +91 353 251 4229

Why to visit Savin Kingdom

This amazing location is a water park and a fantastic spot to spend time with family and friends. This amusement park has a castle theme, and as you enter, the park's wonderful atmosphere will take your breath away. For both children and adults, the park offers a variety of rides and water slides. There is certainly plenty of entertainment to be found. In the park, there is a restaurant serving delectable Bengali cuisine.

Savin global resorts pvt ltd is part of the Savin group, which has a long history of providing excellence to its guests and clients, whether it's through tea, real estate, education, or entertainment. The park is located along a hill cart road.

There will be less people throughout the weekdays. On weekends, a huge number of travellers flock here for a relaxing getaway. Tickets can be purchased on their website days in advance of your visit. Kingdom of Savin On the day of your visit to Siliguri, you can book tickets manually at the door.

FAQ on Savin Kingdom

Where can I eat in the vicinity of Savin Kingdom Amusement Park?

Shan E Punjab Restaurant (0.00 km) is a restaurant near Savin Kingdom Amusement Park (0.00 km) Cafe Dark Horse (0.00 km) Khajana Khana

What hotels are available in the vicinity of Savin Kingdom Amusement Park?

Hotels in the vicinity of Savin Kingdom Amusement Park include: (0.00 kilometres) Staschy Inn Hotel (0.00 km) The Ranjit Hotel has a new look (0.00 km) Palace with a View of the Sky

Special Tip

The park also offers catering services, but you are welcome to bring your own caterer. There are vegetarian and non-vegetarian options on the menu. Alcohol is available for purchase at the location, or you can bring your own.

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