Open Time : 7:30am–9:00pm

Entry : free

Address : Comice, Avenue de Versailles, Paris, France

Phone : +33 1 42 15 55 70

Why to visit Comice

However, the Michelin-starred Comice, which is run by Canadian chef Noam Gedalof and sommelier Etheliya Hananova (the two are married), is a treat that won't break the bank. With striking flowers from a renowned local florist, the aesthetic hits a similar balance: sophisticated but easygoing. Hananova's wine selection, which includes lesser-known wines from all around the world, is excellent, as is Gedalof's light, imaginative contemporary French cuisine.

The typical Parisian fine-dining experience might be intimidating to outsiders; the Comice team is proficient at presenting gourmet perfection à la française, but with the flexibility and cultural understanding that comes from years of working across countries. Scallop carpaccio thinly sliced with buddha's hand and confit lemon is another standout dish, as is an amazing roast chicken dish with braised endives, confit quince, and roasted sage. The chicken comes from a top-notch supplier near Toulouse who feeds his chickens with organic grains grown on his own farm. Mini soufflés with a scoop of ice cream are a must-try.

Special Tip

I would recommend to try the spicy roast chicken with polenta, wild mushrooms, and a wild herb salad, or the duck foie gras with hazelnuts, strawberries, balsamic, and black pepper.

By Sparsh Kapoor

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