Ocean World Water Park

Open Time : 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Entry : free

Address : Ocean World Water Park, Kurangagsasan, Fulnakahra, Gangeswar, Odisha, India

Website :

Phone : 0671 285 6059

Why to visit Ocean World Water Park

Ocean World Water Park in Bhubaneswar is a one-of-a-kind adventure and entertainment attraction located around 20 kilometres from the city centre. It has been delivering pleasant entertainment to a constant stream of tourists since its start in 2008. When you enter the park, you'll discover why it has a permanent place in the hearts of Bhubaneswar's fun-seekers!

Ocean World, according to its name, has a large number of water-based attractions and slides that will keep you splashing and slamming for hours. The best part is that this Bhubaneswar water park offers rides and entertainment for people of all ages. So, whether you go to the park with a bunch of friends or with your family, you can always count on it to deliver a full day of fun for everyone.

The Wave Pool and the Landing Pool are two of the park's main water activities, where the whole family can have a good time. Under the pouring drops of water, the Rain Dance can motivate you to sway a leg with your companion. Isn't there something charming and Bollywood-esque about that? There's also a Kids Pool where young enthusiasts can enjoy their own slice of the action. Apart from water rides, there is a theme park on the site with a variety of dry rides to keep you entertained.

FAQ on Ocean World Water Park

Is there a restaurant at the water park?,What are the park's additional advantages?,

Yes there is and the park's food court ensures that you have plenty of scrumptious selections to satisfy your hunger.,If you're fatigued after a day of adventure in the park you may rejuvenate yourself in the park's Ayurvedic massage centre.,

Special Tip

At the park, you can buy or lease swimming attire, depending on your preferences. You can, however, rent lockers to preserve your valuables safe while you have fun.

By Inaaya Sharma

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