Parrot Island

Open Time : Open 24 hours

Entry : free

Address : Parrot island, Kanchangarh, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India

Why to visit Parrot Island

Mangroves and other lush green vegetation surround Parrot Island on all sides. As a result, you may rest guaranteed that the weather on Parrot Island will be nice. When walking through the mangroves, be cautious. Some saltwater crocodiles may live in the saline water that surrounds the mangroves. Boat owners offer you an ominous signal to keep your hands off the steering wheel as you begin your adventure on the water.

The voice of thousands of parrots greets you as soon as you arrive on Parrot Island. For nature lovers, bird watchers, and animal aficionados, this is a paradise. Parrot Island is home to a diverse range of parrot and parakeet species. Riding a boat gives you the opportunity to stare out over the huge expanse of crystal blue sea. On this island, you may do bird watching, boating, sightseeing at sunset, photography, and adventurous trekking.

According to locals, as soon as the sun sets, a group of five parrots gather on this Parrot Island to investigate the surroundings. You can observe additional birds coming in from all directions within a fraction of a minute after they exchange their inspection details through coded signals.

 The closest airport to Parrot Island is Port Blair. To get to Diglipur, you can either order a cab or take the NH233 bus. After arriving at Baratang Jetty, you must travel approximately 30 kilometres to your final destination. To complete the 30km journey, you'll need to take a boat ride from Baratang Jetty. Small dunghi boats are available to transport you to Parrot Island in 30 minutes.

FAQ on Parrot Island

What is the island's medical facilities?

There is no well-established medical facility on Parrot Island. Although this island provides minimal first aid and medical services. . you must go to the Baratang Hospital for proper care. Keep their medical assistance number 03192-279533 in your phone.

What is the island's mode of transportation?

To get to and from this gorgeous area

Special Tip

A great variety of multi-colored parakeets and parrots live on the island. If you're adept at hiding your identity, this venue is clearly designed to catch your attention. Carry your camera; it's a photographer's dream to capture the treasure for you.

By Jasmine Kaur

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