Interview Island

Open Time : Open 24 hours

Entry : free

Address : Interview Island, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India

Why to visit Interview Island

Interview Island is in perfect condition. It is desolate, has an azure green sea on one side, tall dark hardwood trees on the other, and once housed a herd of elephants who used to labour for the British Timber Company. The elephants now live in peace on Interview Island, which adds to the visitors' delight.

Interview Island has a few unexpected and refreshing streams of fresh water strewn about. A cave behind a hill on the island's western coast offers a gushing fresh water source. You can tell your boatman to anchor at the island's southernmost point, from where you can easily access the low cave's perennial freshwater lake. 

The well, which provides fresh water and serves as a breeding ground for white-bellied swifts, is supposed to be bottomless and unfathomable. You may even witness elephants surveying the jungles if you follow the recommendations of the forest warden guarding the island from poachers.

The elephants had been living here since the 1950s, when a Kolkata-based logging firm abandoned them when their timber operation failed. If that isn't enough to entice you to this intriguing island, saltwater crocodiles can be seen along the island's eastern coast.

FAQ on Interview Island

What is the significance of the name Interview Island?,How to reach?,What makes Interview Island Wildlife Sanctuary unique?,

The,island is part of the Interview Group and is located west of the Austen Strait which connects North and Middle Andaman Islands.,,Interview Island is about a 3-hour drive from Mayabundar and is accessible by fibre boats from the Mayabunder Jetty.,

Special Tip

Day excursions to the island are possible. If you plan on visiting this island, arrive as early as possible in the morning and return before dusk. Admire the isolated island's deep peace and tranquilly.

By Abhilasha Prasad

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