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    Well-known for its diverse bird population and is a sanctuary for bird enthusiasts. Birds, both native and migratory, may be seen adorning the skies here, inviting nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts to visit.

    Why to visit this place

    Adventure sports enthusiasts will find the island appealing. It boasts a diverse underwater ecosystem, including brilliant marine life and colourful corals. Explore the rich world beneath the surface by snorkelling or scuba diving, exploring the labyrinthine reefs, being caught in a whirlpool of small fish, and swimming with gigantic sea turtles. For individuals who do not know how to swim, sea walking is an option on the island. Under the supervision of a skilled and helpful team, you may now observe the fascinating underwater scenery.

    This Andaman island is a treasure trove of lush forests and breathtaking ocean views. The stunning sights of a dense green cover and azure sea waves await you at practically every turn. The deep mangroves, which blanket the entire island and create a sense of peace to the senses, provide a sense of serenity. A trip through the jungles will make you forget about your stressful existence. 

    Chidiya Tapu is around 30 kilometres from Port Blair, and there are numerous routes to get there from there.

    More About Chidiyatapu

    What are some nearby accommodation?

    Some of the accommodation near the place : Sinclair’s Bay View Hotel Blue Marlin:

    When is the ideal time to go to the location?

    The finest seasons to visit are in the spring and winter. The weather is clear

    Special Tip:

    There are numerous hidden jewels here that you could otherwise miss if you don't have a guide. They can be purchased for as little as 1500 INR. For Indians, the entrance fee is approximately INR 20; for foreigners, it is approximately INR 50


    Open Time : 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, (closed on Mondays)

    Entry : paid

    Address : Chidiyatapu Botanical Park, Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India

    By Jasmine Kaur

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