Places to Visit in Lansdowne

by Rebecca Lal
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Places to visit in Lansdowne: Lansdowne is a beautiful hill station in India’s northeastern state. The city was developed as a military garrison by the British in Uttrakhand, and Lansdowne can trace its history back to the Garhwal Rifles regiment. At an elevation of 1780 meters, Lansdowne in Uttarakhand’s Pauri Garhwal district is home to the centuries-old Kaleshwar Temple. The city’s tranquil atmosphere, blue pine trees, and Colonial-style architecture cleanse the mind and soul. 

Lansdowne has an artificial lake to enjoy boating and viewpoints with amazing views of the majestic Shivalik Range covered in snow. The city’s historical significance connects you with the country’s iconic past. Lansdowne is a fantastic bird-watching destination to catch a glimpse of rare and some endangered species of birds, national wildlife, and forest reserves to restore nature and delicious local cuisines for your healthy appetite.


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In our travel guide, I’ll provide some fantastic suggestions for places to visit in Lansdowne of Uttarakhand. But first, let’s figure out when the ideal time to visit is –

Best time to visit Lansdowne:

  • Summer: 

Summers in Lansdowne are warm and extremely pleasant, with temperatures around 30 degrees celsius. If you are looking for a break from the city heat, and trekking is your solution, summers that last from March to June are perfect and most enjoyable.

  • Winter: 

Winters in Lansdowne are bone freezing with snowfall on top, and the temperature falls between 0 and 15 degrees celsius. The city experiences winters from October to March. You can always travel in winter if you love the climate, as the city portrays a beautiful snow-filled view all around.

  • Monsoon: 

The Monsoon in Lansdowne is refreshing and green. The temperature remains at around 28 degrees celsius, and the season lasts from June to September. The rainfall is not constant and mostly mediocre, but there’s always a risk of landslides at a hill station. As long as you have good luck, the city exploration will be epic and romantic in Monsoons.

Places to Visit in Lansdowne:

  1. Tip-N-Top
Tip-in-Top-ct-lansdowne-ilur-places to visit in lansdowne

A destination that provides a panoramic view of stunning mountain hills is also known as Tiffin-Top. It is located at an elevation of 1700 meters, approximately 1.5 kilometers away from the city center. This hilltop viewpoint is a popular picnic spot in the region and offers a promising view of Garhwal, Shivalik, other mountain ranges, and nearby forested areas.

How To Reach Tip-N-Top:

It is roughly 1.5 km away from the city, and you can always trek to the hilltop. Although, there are taxis and buses also available since the Pauri road connects to the destination.

  1. Bhulla Tal
Bhulla_Tal_ct-places to visit in lansdowne

The artificial lake of the city, made and maintained by the Indian Army, is an excellent and most visited picnic spot in Lansdowne. This place offers a unique boating experience for kids, couples, and families. Bhulla Tal or Bhulla lake is located 2 km away from Lansdowne Market and is surrounded by hilly lawns and trees. You can always spend quality time or a perfect evening with your loved ones here.

How To Reach Bhulla Tal:

It is located 2 kilometers away from Lansdowne market and Bus-stand, approximately 1 kilometer away from the city center. You can always take a walk or book a local cab to reach this reposeful destination.

  1. Bhim Pakora
Bhim pakora-ct-places to visit in lansdowne

Among various other places to visit in Lansdowne, this destination is highly famous as many legendary tales are associated with it. One of its legends dates back to the Mahabharata era that says – it was Bhima, one of the Pandavas, during their exile period, who placed the rock in the way that it is now, and it never shifts.

Bhim Pakora is basically two rocks on top of one another that never falls… NEVER! It just vibrates or moves, even if pushed hard. It can be said that they are perfectly balanced and a bit mystical. Believe in the legend or not, the rock says a lot, and thus it is the most visited place in Lansdowne.

How To Reach Bhim Pakora:

This destination is located 2 kilometers away from Gandhi Chowk, Lansdowne, and can be reached via trekking.

  1. Darwan Singh Regimental Museum
Darwan Singh Museum_CT-places to visit in lansdowne

A two-storey museum named after Darwan Singh Negi, a Victoria Cross holder, has a collection of everything related to the origin and achievements of Garhwal Rifles. This place is considered the pride of Lansdowne, and it was established in 1923 at the parade ground. This museum stands close to the Garhwal Rifles War Memorial, and it houses the rarest photographs of army generals, arms, certificates, uniforms, and much more to honor the country’s past.

Welcome hours at the museum: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm; 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

Note: Kids below ten years are not allowed inside the museum.

How To Reach Darwan Singh Regimental Museum:

It is located at the parade ground in the city center. If you are in the town, you can take a walk or take a road transportation service.

  1. Kalagarh Tiger Reserve 
Kalagarh tiger reserve_CT

A beautiful wildlife reserve where you can find exotic flora and fauna. The reserve is located at an approximate distance of 13 kilometers from the main center of Lansdowne. Kalagarh Tiger Reserve forms the north end of Jim Corbett National Park. The reserve covers 300 sq km and protects goral, barking deer, sambhar, porcupines, hog deer, and other endangered wildlife along with the Tigres. Kalagarh Tiger Reserve offers jungle safari and forest rest houses as well.

How To Reach Kalagarh Tiger Reserve: 

It is located 13.2 kilometers away from Lansdowne, and to reach here, you have to reach Duggan. You can use public transport to get to the destination.

  1. Kaleshwar Mahadev Temple

The temple is named after Sage Kalun, who meditated here in the old days, and his samadhi can be found on the temple premises. Kaleshwar Mahadev Temple is a century-old temple, and the legend associated with this place goes back to 5000 years from now. It is located 1.5 kilometers away from the main city center. This temple, along with nearby Dharamshala, was built around 1901, and it is dedicated to Lord Shiva. 

How To Reach Kaleshwar Mahadev Temple: 

If you are in the city, you can reach Kaleshwar Mahadev Temple by walking since it is only 1.5 kilometers away from Lansdowne’s main center. You can also opt for roadways to reach the site.

  1. St Johns Church
St. John Church_CT-places to visit in lansdowne

St. John’s Church is located near tip-n-top and St. Mary Church, with a history of being abandoned once back in 1947 for years. Later in 1951, the government took charge of the place and re-established the church around 1983 for prayers to be offered. This is one of few functioning churches in the town with beautiful interiors that offers unmatched ethos making the church one of the popular places to visit in Lansdowne. 

How To Reach St. Johns Church:

It’s approximately 1.8 kilometers away from the Lansdowne city market/city center, and it takes a 4 min trek to reach the church. If you want to visit Tip-n Top, you will come across St. John’s Church on your way – worth visiting.

  1. Hawaghar
hawaghar-lansdowne_Ct-places to visit in lansdowne

Hawaghar is often called the point to view snow and majestic snow-covered Himalayas from a distance, perfect for an ideal picture on your social handle. The delightful and peaceful atmosphere at this popular tourist destination of Lansdowne is captivating. If you like to trek, then Hawaghar / Snow viewpoint can be your ideal destination to experience.

How to reach Hawaghar:

It is situated on NH 119, approximately 2 kilometers away from the city center. You can trek to this place for the ultimate experience. Hawaghar is located enroute Pauri-Kotdwar road.

  1. Kanvashram
kanvashram_CT-places to visit in lansdowne

Kanvashram, as the name suggests, offers accommodations to tourist who wants to stay at the premises. This place is about 5500 years old and is often referred to as the Gateway to Puri. It is said that in this ashram, Sakuntala, who was a step-daughter of Saint Kanvan, birthed her son, Bharath. This place is also known as the birthplace of Siddh Peeth.

The Kanvashram is located in peaceful surroundings over the Malini river, surrounded by forest and small hills. This location, in addition to being tied with an ancient myth, provides a breathtaking view of the Sahastradhara Falls.

How to reach Kanvashram: 

It is located a bit far from the city center of Lansdowne – approx. 58 kilometers away. You can opt for regular transport to get there. This place welcomes everyone 24 hours a day!

Things to do in Lansdowne:

Lansdowne, a small town in the land of Uttrakhand, offers an ultimate adventure package combining all sorts of activities such as camping, trekking, bird watching, boat ride, safari, etc. Now that we know about the amazing places to visit in Lansdowne, let’s have a glance at the things to do in Lansdowne:

  1. Camping

The best time to go camping in Lansdowne is summer (March to June) and autumn (September to November). Camping here will let you enjoy the overnight stay under the stars, dining out around a bonfire, music, and amusing tales. This is a pleasurable activity to go to, especially with your loved ones.

  1. Boat Ride
man-made-lake-boating-ct-places to visit in lansdowne

Bhulla Lake (Bhulla Tal) offers tourists one of a kind boating experience amidst a bustling city surrounded by the natural realm of mountains and forest! You can go and paddle around in the city’s artificial lake during its visiting hours (9:00 am – 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm) every day. You may have to pay a small entry fee but make sure to check that before or on your visit.

  1. Trekking & Hiking

Lansdowne is located at a perfect elevation that offers tourists all the trekking and hiking opportunities. If you trek 2 km from the city center, you can reach Snow View Point for delightful scenery of snow-covered mountains. You can also hike or trek towards the Tip-n–Top for another adventure and pleasing experience. You can enjoy this activity throughout the year as the entire year is considered the best time for trekking and hiking in Lansdowne.

  1. BirdWatch

The pine forest in the city is responsible for calling out the beautiful migratory bird for their homestay. The best time to experience delightful bird watching is the months (September and October) post-monsoon and during spring.

  1. Jungle safari
junglesafari-places to visit in lansdowne-ct

Jungle safari delivers the rush of adventure from its name. Lansdowne offers a breathtaking experience of a safari in the dense jungle to witness the endangered and invulnerable Himalayan wildlife. You can also explore the Kalagarh Tiger Reserve, which will cost you an entry fee and limited time around, plus the authority’s permission. But this adventure promises to leave an imprint on your mind.

  1. Religious Tour

The city can offer you serenity and calmness, but you can also achieve a spiritual connection. Lansdowne is known for its oldest temples and churches, with legends and stories dating back to ancient India and before. It is advisable to explore the temples and the spiritual ambiance of Lansdowne during the Shivaratri festival.

  1. Shopping
shopping-places to visiti in lansdowne -ct

A vacation is incomplete with a hand full of shopping, and the activity itself needs no further elaborations. You can check out the local markets for souvenirs, handicrafts, antiques, and leather items to add to your wardrobe and decor.

  1. Delicious Eateries
eatingplaces-places to visiti in lansdowne-ct

Needless to say, Lansdowne has a range of cafes and restaurants to serve your travel buddies. You can spot open-roof eateries to traditional and modern restaurants serving local and continental cuisines. Some of those places also offer a night party and musical atmosphere with photogenic corners to live the moments while eating a mouthful of healthy dishes with your loved ones.

How to reach Lansdowne:

lansdowne-main-ct-extra-ilr_ct-places to visit in lansdowne

You can reach Lansdowne via Railways, Airways, and Roadways.

  • Railways:

Kotdwar is the nearest railway station, about 40 km away from Lansdowne. You can opt for roadways from the railway station to reach the city.

  • Airways:

Jolly Grant Airport of Dehradun is the nearest airport, situated about 148 km from the city. You can take public transport or rent a cab from the airport to reach Lansdowne.

  • Roadways:

The best route to reach this beautiful city of Uttarakhand is from Delhi via NH 119. Many other cities connects with Lansdowne via highways. Even if you opt for airways or railways, you have to rent a cab or take a public transport facility to reach Lansdowne.

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