Luxury India Tour for Royal Experience

by Pankaj Upadhaya

India is a country not only with different states, but with stunning hill stations. It is a country with a variety of cultures & cuisines. There is also an area belonging to a luxury vacation in India. To commonly say, you can now have a Luxury India Tour. Every aspect of India can provide you a feel of having a vacation only imaginable and never expected to have. It is possible with luxurious trains in India, luxury cruises in India, and cities providing a luxury vacation in India. If you want to have all the facilities at your fingertips on your trip then explore this article. Scroll down to choose which one of the luxury vacations in India you want to experience the royalty of vacation.

Being a home of rich hospitality, India can give you the feel of one of the Maharajas. So come and experience that lavish tour at least once in your life.

Luxury India Tour Starting With Luxurious Trains In India:

Some of the Luxurious trains in India are mentioned below. If you want to be on wheels while having the feel of a king then opt for one. To learn more about their covered destination, luxurious train in India is the finest one, look below:

1. The Deccan Odyssey

  • Travel Time – The Deccan Odyssey train offers six different journeys in 8 days and 7 nights.
  • Charges –  For International tourists, the charges are between $7,320 to $15,855 depending on the room you opt for.
luxury india tour - deccan odyssey

The Deccan Odyssey is a major step taken collaborating State Government of Maharashtra and the Indian Railways. It was for making the traveler’s experience a memorable or a luxurious one. This luxurious train in India can make you catch the glimpse of cultural, ancient, and historical heritage sites in India. 

It covers tourist spots mostly in Maharashtra and some in Gujarat. There are a total of six-journeys on this train and each consists of a unique & different name and vibe.

Following are the names of the stunning journeys made by The Deccan Odyssey which proved as luxury travel in India:

  1. Indian Odyssey covers Delhi, Sawai Madhopur, Ranthambore, Agra, Jaipur, Udaipur, Vadodara, Aurangabad, Ellora Caves, and Mumbai
  2. Indian Sojourn covers Mumbai, Vadodara, Udaipur, Jaipur, Agra, Sawai Madhopur, Jaipur, and Delhi
  3. Maharashtra Splendour covers Mumbai, Nashik, Aurangabad, Ajanta Caves, Kolhapur, Goa, Sindhudurg, and back to Mumbai
  4. Hidden Treasures of Gujarat covers Mumbai, Vadodara, Palitana, Somnath, Rann of Kutch, Modhera & Patan, Nashik, and back to Mumbai
  5. Jewel Of The Deccan covers Mumbai, Bijapur, Aihole, Pattadakal, Hampi, Hyderabad, Ajanta & Ellora Caves, and back to Mumbai
  6. Maharashtra Wild Trail covers Mumbai, Aurangabad, Pench, Tadoba, Ajanta, Nashik, and back to Mumbai

The Deccan Odyssey is a luxury train running in India. It is no less than a five-star hotel if we talk about the services provided by this train. There are separate areas like a pool area, gymnasium, bar, and restaurants as well. 

This train is a pride of India and takes the tourists to mesmerizing places. It covers places like Jaipur, Kutch, Ajanta Caves, Goa, and Ratnagiri. It is the perfect combination of an expedition of the cultural, historical, and luxurious trip to India.

2. Palace On Wheels

  • Travel Time – It will take you on the mesmerizing journey of India. A vacation with versatile facilities and amenities in 8 days and 7 nights.
  • Charges – The charges lie between $8,085 to $14,553 depending on the suite you choose for the whole journey.
palace on wheel - luxury india tour

Palace On Wheels is a momentous luxurious train in India. It also won an award for its sense of hospitality and the services they are providing. This train journey can make you aware of the feel of being in a Palace. It offer you the aesthetic plethora of art and history of India while crossing the “Lands of Kings” mainly.

Palace On wheels was launched in cooperation with Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation (RTDC) in 1982. Till now, it is in service of the tourists coming from other countries. Tousirt are fascinated by the factual history of India and by the richness of our Culture and they adore it. If they want to have luxury travel in India, Palace on Wheels is the most opt option undoubtdly.

A fun fact behind the name of this train, each carriage here was named after the forts & Palaces of Rajasthan. It gives it a feel of those places as well. Therefore, it was named the Palace On Wheels.

The destinations covered by the royal Palace On Wheels are:

  1. Jaipur (The Pink City)
  2. Udaipur (The City of Lakes)
  3. Jodhpur (The Blue City)
  4. Ranthambore National Park
  5. Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
  6. Agra (The City of Heritage)

Palace on Wheel covers these places and ends its journey in Agra. It is a home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World.  

3. Maharaja Express

  • Travel time – Except for Treasure of India, every journey by Maharaja Express is completed in 6 nights and 7 days. While the Treasures on India is a trip of 3 nights and 4 days.
  • Charges – Depending on the trip or the room you opt for the charges would vary. It can range of $3,490 to $23,700.
maharaja express- luxury india tour

Maharaja Express is owned by the Indian railway and the services have been regulated by the private sector so that a pleasant and satisfying customer experience can be created. It is one of the steps taken by India to revive the feel of the bygone era of India with a twist of having a Luxury India travel. Tourists from foreign become stunned by the richness & lavishness of this Maharaja Express.

This train is voted 7 times as a winner consecutively as the “World’s Leading Luxury train”. This train has two dining areas named Mayur Mahal and Rang Mahal. There are many other areas like Bar, lounge, and Saloons. Maharaja Express has value and name as it was serving tourists since 2010 and giving them a luxury vacation in India.

Maharaja Express also offers four different luxury trips to India. Each with a different name and has a variety of things to showcase in each of those journeys.

The name of the journeys by Maharaja Express are as following:

  1. Heritage of India covers Mumbai, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Jaipur, Ranthambore, and Agra
  2. Indian Splendour covers Delhi, Agra, Ranthambore, Jaipur, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Udaipur, and Mumbai
  3. Treasures of India covers Delhi, Agra, Ranthambore, Jaipur, and back to Delhi
  4. Indian Panorama covers Delhi, Jaipur, Ranthambore, Fatehpur Sikri, Agra, Orchha, Khajuraho, Varanasi, and back to Delhi

Each of those journeys covers ancient places of India which are related to the history of India and shows what India is like in every domain i.e., cultural, social, historical, and ritualistic values. People here are so friendly & welcoming to the tourists proving that India is a country of great hospitality. 

4. The Golden Chariot

  • Travel Time – It offers you a Luxury India Tour around for 6 nights and 7 days except for the trip “Glimpses of Karnataka” which gets completed in 3 nights and 4 days.
  • Charges – For the whole Luxury India Tour in The Golden Chariot, charges are $3940 to $5250.
the golden chariot - luxury india tour

The Golden Chariot is running on the golden path of Southern India consisting of temples, Palaces, stunning beaches, and backwaters. This train makes you aware of the culture of India prevailing in the southern part with comfort as you only find in five-star hotels.

This train is the best way to get an experience with the tourist sites of south India though leading towards the aim of having a luxury vacation in India.

The Golden Chariot runs on three different plans or trips which are:

  1. Pride of Karnataka covers Mysore, Bandipur, Goa, Hampi, and Badami caves
  2. Jewels of South Karnataka covers Hampi, Mahabalipuram, Thanjavur, Chettinad, and a cruise trip
  3. Glimpses of Karnataka covers Mysore, Hampi, and Bandipur

You can experience other Luxury India Tours and holidays easily with some of the luxury cruises in India which provide some of the unexpected luxury vacations in India. Let’s know which are the most amazing ones out of all.

Luxury India Tour With Luxurious Cruises In India:

These are the top three luxury cruises in India that you can choose for having a luxury trip to India:

1. Lakshadweep Cruise

  • Travel time – You can enjoy the whole cruise luxury travel in Indiathat lasts for only 5 nights and 6 days.
  • Charges – For a complete cruise trip to Lakshadweep, it will cost you $1230.
lakshadweep cruise - luxury india tour

Lakshadweep Cruise or Cordelia Cruise can make you fall in love with the sea as it amazes you with the view of the Arabian Sea while it sails from Mumbai to Lakshadweep Island. With this one-time life-changing experience, enjoy and embark on your luxury cruise in India with Cordelia Cruise. 

If you imagine having a luxury trip to India then a cruise to Lakshadweep is the right choice. This cruise has facilitated rooms with scenic views of the sea, a balcony, and a pretty enjoyable interior. This cruise offers panoramic views of the Arabian sea, along with Indian food made by an experienced chef on board. 

Additionally, it also offers you the opportunity to indulge in the colourful parties of Goa. Last but not the least, it gives you the chance to enjoy the activities & water sports on Lakshadweep islands like Rock climbing, Jet skiing, and Scuba diving.

Lakshadweep Cruise travels from Mumbai to Lakshadweep and then comes back to Mumbai after taking a break in Goa also. This is the route of the cruise journey i.e., Mumbai – Lakshadweep – Goa – and back to Mumbai.

2. The Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda, Kerala

  • Travel Time – The Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda can take you away from the hustle of your busy life for 3 nights and 4 days in the majestic world of waterways of Kerala.
  • Charges – The amount costs you for taking a vacation on the Oberoi M.V. Vrinda is $741.

The Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda is one of the luxury cruises in India which can offer you some of the best times you have ever had in your life. This luxury cruise has some deluxe cabins for the tourists, loaded with every facility anyone could need and the interior is so elegant that you become really happy to walk inside this cruise.

The Oberoi M.V. Vrinda shows you the natural harbor of Kochi which believed as one of the calm places in India. The Cruise leads its way through the Vembanad lake. From there it takes you through the waterways of the Alleppey which is full of Palm trees. You can witness many local villages also exists on this route in your luxury trip to India.

This cruise welcomes its guests with every amenity like the air-conditioned place, a personal butler, high-speed internet facility, a bar, and chefs of a renowned restaurant so that they can have whatever they feel like eating. 

This Luxury India Tour will be a package consisting of memorable landscapes, amazing waterways, a wide variety of flora & fauna, aquatic species of various types, and a colorful environment that is so calm even you can feel your existence.

One of the pieces of information that you need to know about this cruise is that it remains closed between May to September because of the heavy rainfall.

3. Sunderbans Luxury Cruise

  • Travel Time – The Sunderbans luxury cruise offers you a luxury vacation in India. The journey lasts for 4 nights and 5 days.

The Sunderbans Luxury Cruise named Vivada Cruise can make you relaxed in the lap of nature & you feel like never getting off of this cruise. This cruise takes you on the mesmerizing journey of Sunderbans and nearby areas which are the home of “Royal Bengal Tigers”

Sunderbans is the largest area of mangrove forests in India. It is a World Heritage site by UNESCO and also called the largest national park in the world enclosed with a water body.

This luxury cruise in India has great accommodation facilities spreading over four levels as it is a four-deck ship. It consists of 32 rooms with the full facility of a five-star hotel and every room has a big window through that you can peek out and witness the exquisite view of vibrant India. It also has a terrace restaurant with experienced chefs who can make you lick your fingers after eating delicacies made by them.

In this Luxury India Tour, you will see some villages of local fishermen, some famous ports, and islands. It covers the area formed by the confluence of three rivers named Padma, Brahmaputra, and Meghna. It starts its journey from Kolkata and then to Namkhana and Sunderbans.

Luxury India Tour Starting With Luxurious Land Vacation In India: 

Some of the cities in India itself can make you feel like a king with their rich sense of hospitality and luxurious nature they provide. Mention below are some of the places for a luxury vacation in India.

Let’s explore these places and know why they all are so luxurious so that they can provide tourists with a luxury vacation in India. Scroll down to know about these spots!

1. Udaipur, Rajasthan (Taj Lake Palace)

  • How to reach: Udaipur has its International airport which connects with major other airports. Taj Lake Palace is only 26 km from the airport.
  • Iconic spots in Taj Lake Palace: Neel Kamal (restaurant), Bhairo (rooftop restaurant), Jharokha ( lake view restaurant), and Amrit Sagar (Bar).

Udaipur is known as the “City of Lakes” and is prominent for its stunning landscapes, gorgeous lakes, and ancient forts and Palaces. It receives a compliment from a British Administrator named James Tod that “it is the most romantic spot on the continent of India”. “Venice of the East” is another name for this place.

Udaipur is one of the destinations which offers a Luxury India Tour. The Taj Lake Palace is the dream place for those tourists who came to India by thinking of having a luxury trip to India. 

This Palace has magnificent architecture with a touch of glorious beauty. It is made of marble and possess every amenity anyone could imagine exists here. It organizes many activities for tourists like the cultural, astrological, and social programs. they don’t feel boredom.

Built in 1746, the Taj Lake Palace is situated in the Middle of Lake Pichola. It can stun you in the morning when you wake up and see the heart-warming sunrise while staying in the middle of a lake. The feeling of staying at this palace is no less than being a king for some days.

2. Jodhpur, Rajasthan (Rawla Narlai Resort)

  • How to reach: Dobak Airport, Udaipur is the nearest one to Rawla Narlai which is about 140 km far and the closest railway head is Falna railway station, approximately 45 km far.

Jodhpur is called by another famous name i.e., “Blue City”. It is one of the destinations for tourists to have a luxury vacation in India. Jodhpur is quite calm and prominent for forts and palaces, created in ancient times and preserved till now. 

The crux of the culture of Rajasthan can be spotted at this place only. People here are also very humble and helpful, treating tourists with a great sense of hospitality. For experiencing the lavish lifestyle of the Indian rulers or kings and by the fact that India was rich in ancient times, you have to visit Jodhpur. 

Here, Rawal Narlai is the resort for you to experience the majestic realm of hospitality. It is located between two major cities of Rajasthan named Udaipur and Jodhpur. A drive of about 2 hours from Jodhpur through the beautiful passage allows you to be a King & Queen for some days at least depending on your vacation.

This Palace has the facility of providing a valuable stay with an area of dining, bar, spa, and royal accommodation. The rooms here also tell you about the history and cultural aspects of India.

3. Goa (Novotel Goa Dona Sylvia Resort)

  • How to reach: Dabolim airport is the closest airport which is only 45 km away from this resort.

Goa is like a favorite child in a family who is loved by everyone. It is on the top of the list of every youngster, even tourists prefer to visit Goa first in India because of the vibrant environment it possesses. This is a pretty good option for having a Luxury India Tour. Goa is full of beaches, ancient places, Bars, Pubs, and multi-cuisine restaurants.

There are several resorts and hotels which can make your dream of having a luxury trip to India true in every respect. Out of all, Novotel Goa Dona Sylvia Resort is the one you need to seek for having an unbelievable experience of a luxury vacation in India. This resort is nestled in between the lush greenery, it is situated right near Cavelossim Beach. This place can be the perfect spot for honeymoon lovers.

Novotel Dona Sylvia Resort has all the amenities and many other segments like a pool area, Spa, Bar, and Restaurants. It provides service 24 hours so no need to worry about anything if you are staying in this resort.

Exclusive Budget-Friendly Luxury India Holiday Tip: 

Some of the popular options have been given above for luxury travel in India but if you want to experience something offbeat then there is a special way to attain that. There is a place which needs to be here because it offers a luxury vacation in India and you will leave peacefully here without finding too much crowd. The name of the place is Ananda in the Himalayas.

Ananda In The Himalayas

  • How to reach: Jolly grant airport is the closest airport, travel a bit from here in a cab for 45 minutes to Ananda in the Himalayas. Rishikesh is the nearest railway stop to this place.

Ananda In The Himalayas is suggested by the name located in the foothills of the Himalayas and gives the view of the Yoga capital of the world i.e., Rishikesh. It is an award-winning resort, a lavish destination for staying and learning about Yoga, Ayurveda, and Vedanta. 

It integrates these three significant domains of India to increase the energy and makes the environment positive around this place.

Ananda In The Himalayas being a provider of a Luxury India Tour, will restore or clean you from the Inside. They took the help of Yoga & Ayurveda to do the same. It is a great experience to take with you as you can improve your well-being through the great Indian techniques of ancient times.

This resort has extremely lavish facilities which you don’t even think to find here. They have an ample number of rooms with other major sections like meditation area, Yoga area, Gym, Golf area, and many more. Stay here while experiencing a Luxury India Tour to eliminate all the dirt inside you and to get detox.

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