50 Places To Visit In Maldives

by Pankaj Upadhaya

Places To Visit In Maldives: Whenever you think of a luxury vacation to an island then Maldives is the definite spot that comes to your mind. Maldives is an independent Island country located in the Indian Ocean and has 120 total coral islands. Maldives is an imaginary destination where the air of romance is always flowing. Think about walking hand in hand with your partner on the beaches of white sand beside the ocean and having a chat.

This destination with its elegant beauty of blue waters, large beaches, and mesmerizing greenery makes you fall in love with the place. Imagine being sitting at a beach and watching stars at night near the ocean isn’t its heart-warming scene. There are many Maldives tourist places that are quite known among travelers. Other than that, there are some famous places to visit in Maldives for couples only.

Best Time To Visit Maldives 

  • The best or ideal time to visit the beautiful and scenic locations of Maldives is from December to March when the temperature remains constant and the climate remains dry. It is the time when most of the tourists opt to go there for a vacation with their family or maybe with their friends or partners.
  • Avoid visiting Maldives from May to November because of the humid climate and it will lead you to become irritated with the weather and you can’t enjoy your vacation as you were thinking and planning it.

How To Reach Maldives From India

Delhi, Mumbai, and Kochi are some of the best options available for taking a flight to the Maldives which will take approximately 7-11 hours for reaching the Male airport.

Below is given the list of some of the best places to visit in the Maldives which shouldn’t be missed on a trip to the Maldives!

Best Places To Visit In Maldives 

Cocoa Island

cocoa island-places to visit in maldives
  • How to reach – You can just go by speedboat from Male International airport, which will take 45 minutes only.

Cocoa Island is an artificial island private resort that offers more to people than they ever imagined. This place is like a heaven where you can have anything, you just need to imagine it. There are 33 overwater villas existing here which allow you to jump into the shallow water from the way of your balcony only. If you want a day to relax after visiting the beaches then come here and take a massage which can take away all your tiredness. It is truly one of the places to visit in Maldives for couples.

Banana Reef

  • How to reach – The banana reef is situated in North Male atoll, so to reach there, many options like boats, seaplanes, and yachts are available at Male International airport.

Banana Reef is a diving and underwater spot that is getting recognition or license prior to every other place. This is the best site for diving in the whole of Maldives which was added to the list of Maldives Tourist places. Being shaped in a Banana structure, this is closed so in between there is a water spot for diving with amazing corals and caves. There are also many water sports and activities that can be done at this place which makes this a stunning spot.

Sun Island

sun island-places to visit in maldives
  • How to reach – From Male International airport, you have to take a domestic flight to Maamigili Island, from there onwards many speedboats will welcome you towards Sun Island.

Sun Island is located in South Ari Atoll and is famous throughout Maldives for its luxury resort and spa services. This place can give you the feeling of living in a Palace with a great interior feel and when you peek outside from your room, there is blue water everywhere around you. There are coconut trees around you and a variety of greenery with birds as well. This Island is definitely mentioned in the list of Maldives places to visit.

Dhigu Island

dhigu island-places to visit in maldives
  • How to reach – It is 21 km far from Male International airport, only a 35 minutes ride by speedboat.

If you come to Maldives to explore a place that offers the view both for a family vacation and for a honeymoon, then come & enjoy Dhigu Island. This island is quite renowned for its exotic beaches and spa and has all the comfort you need in your luxury vacation. Make a list of the best places to visit in Maldives and I am sure this island comes on top of that list. Dhigu island is made up in Maldivian style but no one can say because of the fact that it possesses all the comforts of the current time which only you can find at some luxurious place.

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Kudadoo Island

  • How to reach – There is a domestic flight you can take from Male International airport taking only 90 minutes.

Having a zeal to spend your vacation under the moon in some luxury resort surrounded by water and tropical forests along with coconut trees and the best thing is you don’t need to do anything then Kudadoo Island is the deal for you. This private island has all the amenities you can find in a single place without even struggling to get it. Kudadoo Island being so perfect for making a vacation an amazing one is counted as Maldives places to visit.

Kanuhura Island

  • How to reach – Kanuhura Island is only 40 minutes away from Male International airport by seaplane.

Kanuhura Island is one of the alluring places in Maldives which is perfect for weddings, family celebrations, proposals and for birthdays. This place offers a scenic view of blue water, deserted beaches, and palm trees around it. The feeling of calmness can be witnessed even in the air blowing on this island which makes it so special as one of the places to visit in Maldives for couples.

Rangali Island

rangali island-places to visit in maldives
  • How to reach – It is situated in South Ari Atoll, accessible only in 30 minutes by a seaplane ride from Male City.

Rangali Island being placed in South Ari Atoll presents the vibrant and colorful Maldives in the way it is like happening, peaceful and prestigious. If you are looking for Maldives tourist places then Rangali Island has to be there. It is known for its service which makes a bond between the guests and this place as they can enjoy it freely. The diversity of amazing flora and fauna which you can see here is extraordinary.

Whale Submarine

  • How to reach – Some boats are ready to take you to the diving site from Male airport, only 15 minutes far away.

It is an imaginary experience that anyone can have in his life. It is like a dream to live for about 30-40 underwater and see the species of tropical fishes swimming around coral reefs rather than seeing humans. Whale Submarine takes you beneath like 45 meters down from the surface and can make you greet the snappers, sharks, Tuna, and many more. Marine life is so beautiful that everyone should take this experience even once in their life so they will know that they did a great thing.

Huvahendhoo Island

  • How to reach – Velena International airport is the closest one.

The finest island in Maldives is Huvahendhoo Island which is renowned for its hospitality and nightlife. Lily beach is the major attraction of this place. Resorts of this place organize many cultural events & jamming sessions so that the night under a clear sky can become unexpectedly indescribable and you can witness it with your partner. This makes it one of the best places to visit in Maldives.

Mirihi Island

Mihiri island-places to visit in maldives
  • How to reach – Take a seaplane from Male airport which takes 30 minutes to reach at a distance of 102 km.

Mirihi Island is one of the undisturbed places in Maldives which have no means of causing distractions like no television, no water sports, and any night events. This island gives you the authentic meaning of peace and doesn’t do anything to destroy the bridge of relationship between you and nature. This is the smallest island in the Maldives and a perfect Maldives tourist place that offers the feeling of being this place a unique one for you.


kurumba-places to visit in maldives
  • How to reach – Kurumba is situated around 10 minutes away from Male city.

Kurumba is the perfect destination for enjoying and witnessing the culture of Maldives as there are many bars, restaurants, and many entertainment scenes happening every night which can make you feel the vibe of Maldives. This place is one of the Maldives places to visit and is only 10 minutes away from the Airport. There are many activities that can be done like scuba diving, jet skiing, and many water sports.

Gan Island

gan island-places to visit in maldives
  • How to reach – Gan Island has its own international airport.

Gan Island is the southernmost island of the Maldives, the word Gan is the Sanskrit word “Grama” which means Village or a rural community living in a place. This island is the second largest island of the Atoll which is Addu Atoll. Gan island has a tremendous variety of flora and fauna and also has a large land belonging to the cultivation of crops. It has an all-year tropical climate so there is rainfall almost every time of the year which makes this a romantic place to visit in Maldives for couples.

Hanifaru Bay

  • How to reach – It is situated in Baa Atoll, 115 km from Male International airport. The availability of seaplanes can easily be found out there.

Hanifaru Bay is a biosphere reserve and part of the Baa Atoll biosphere reserve. This bay is like a sanctuary that arranges the adventure of snorkeling underwater with Mantas and sharks, so you can closely see them and enjoy your time. This is a dangerous thing so only some experienced guides with licenses and a special types of boats are allowed only for this thing. There must be certain rules that you have to follow otherwise it is too risky for you. This is considered to be the largest feeding station where all the sharks and Mantas came to eat the corals.


  • How to reach – Ferry service is available from Male city Ukulhas Island.

Ukulhas island is that place in Maldives that is underrated but in reality one of the best places to visit in Maldives. Ukulhas is the inhabited island of the Alif Atoll, which is believed to be an environmentally friendly island. There are many events for cleaning the island and water or the beaches that take place every year so that it can be the cleanest place. If someone came here to visit the beaches they shouldn’t find anything wrong about this island which can spoil their mood. For these efforts for making the island clean, Ukulhas received the Green Leaf award in 2014 by the Maldives Government.

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The Muraka

  • How to reach – A 30 minutes seaplane ride has to be taken from Male international airport.

The Muraka is called to be the world’s first underwater hotel which allowed the entrance of visitors in 2018 Maldives. This thing can be done with technology based in New York. With the plantation of this place, the tourist count of Maldives increases because of the fact that it becomes one of the Maldives tourist places. It is the part of Rangali Island resort having all the facilities which someone can search for. The things that you get when you enter into this imaginary city underwater seeing fishes swimming around you are a personal butler, spa and massage therapy, and complimentary water sports.

Bikini Beach

bikini beach -places to visit in maldives
  • How to reach – From Male city, both speedboat and ferry services are available to Bikini beach.

Bikini beaches are one of the major steps that should be taken by all tourism management to make the environment a lot safer for the people who came from outside. There are many bikini beaches in the whole Maldives which have a partition like a wall of the black veil where the entry of locals is forbidden. These places are Maldives tourist places only where they can relax without thinking about having any problems. They can freely take a sunbath and the management gives full security for them. The people who are related to the tourism industry can also make their way into those forbidden areas for locals.


  • How to reach – Addu city has a Ferry service to Fuvahmulah Island. The closest airport is Gan International airport.

Fuvahmulah city is basically an island that is quite different from others, it is based on the name of Areca Nut palms. Guwahati in Assam is also named on the basis of this same nut. This is one of the best places to visit in Maldives and is named on the nut because of the fact that it can be distinguished by the name of another island named Boli Mulah, another popular island in Maldive. This is the third largest island in the whole Maldives which occupies a variety of habitats with a diverse range of flora and fauna. This island is also considered the largest producer of mangoes in the Maldives.

China Maldives Friendship Bridge

  • How to reach – This bridge connects Male city with Hulhule Island. It is located at a distance of 6 minutes from the Velena International airport.

China Maldives friendship bridge is a bridge which, by its name, only shows that it represents the cooperation, unity, and friendship of these two places. Another major reason to name it the China-Maldives friendship bridge is because the Chinese government gave funding to make this bridge. It was originally called as Sinamale bridge which connects two major areas in Maldives which are Male and Hulhule. It was the first of this type which can be called the Inter-Island bridge in Maldives. It was a well-maintained and created bridge which has enough lanes and sides for the riders to cross the bridge. It was opened for public usage in 2018. Many tourists came to visit this place and consider it a Maldives tourist place. The feel of walking on this bridge is like you are walking upon the water only without seeing any human city all along your sides.

Halaveli Island

halaveli island-places to visit in maldives
  • How to reach – Only way is to take a seaplane from Male city, approximately 70 km away.

Halaveli Island is situated in the midst of the Indian Ocean in the shallow waters on the North Ari Atoll. This whole island is covered with many luxurious resorts, half of them are in water and the other half are placed on Land. You can find here a sharp contrast between the beach and the water as the white sandy beach mixing up with blue water along with some palm trees makes this an exquisite place to visit in Maldives. This island is perfect for swimming as there are no corals in the water which can harm you, it is also safe for the kids. All in all, you can have a great time in this soothing, peaceful, and luxurious environment, if you came here for a vacation with your family and friends.

Thulusdhoo Island

  • How to reach – Local ferry goes to Thulusdhoo Island from Male city which takes around 85 minutes.

Thulusdhoo island is located a bit far from the North of Male and is the capital of Kaafu Atoll. This island has its own bikini beach point which is made up of a partition of stones allowed only for the tourists. There is an alluring reef also here and the Thingiri snorkeling point is definitely an attractive point here to come and visit. Whoever knows, if you have the luck that day then you will surely find some dolphins swimming around the shore. Many sports have been done here also which are local like Bashi and Baibalaa. The name of the Thulusdhoo island came at the top of the list of best surfing spots as a local island in Maldives.

Vaadhoo Island

vaadhoo island-places to visit in maldives
  • How to reach – Vaadhoo Island is located at a distance of 152 km from Male city, speedboats take you there in just 15 minutes.

Vaadhoo island is located on the south male atoll and is not a large island. There is a specific reason for this island to be so popular among everyone. As we all saw in some pictures or in some movies, water near the shore on a beach shines like some tiny neon dots have been released in water and they are shining like some balls in the night, it feels like stars came on earth and we can literally touch them. But in reality, this is caused by a phenomenon called “bioluminescence”. Due to this, many travelers from all over the world came here to just see this thing which makes it so unique and a must-see place to visit in Maldives.

Kudahuvadhoo Island

  • How to reach – Take a domestic flight from Male International airport to Dhalu airport in Kudahuvadhoo Island, which is about 182 km far.

Kudahuvadhoo Island is one of those places in Maldives which is not known too much for its beaches and water bodies but for the historical importance, it poses. It is the capital island of Dhaalu Atoll. This island is quite known for the architectural monuments shaped like some mounds called “Hawittas”. These mounds are believed to be related to the time before the Islamic period when there is an influence of Buddhism prevailing everywhere, so these mounds are considered to be Buddhist temples. Other than that, Kudahuvadhoo Island has clear crystal water which is great for diving so people can come here and enjoy the thrill of scuba diving at this site.

Huraa island

huraa island-places to visit in maldives
  • How to reach – Hurra Island is situated between Thulusdhoo and Himmafushi Island, only 21 km from Male city so take a ferry from Male city.

Huraa island is another place in Maldives and it is really one the best places to visit in Maldives for couples because it doesn’t become too crowded. Huraa island is situated between another two islands which are Thulusdhoo and Himmafushi islands. This island has its root in the historical context of the Maldives because of this, it becomes famous among tourists. The last royal dynasty that ruled over this place belonged to this island. It is not like there is nothing else here. There is a bikini beach here, where tourists can come and relax while taking a sunbath under the sun while having a drink. This island is covered with mangrove forests which are declared a protected natural reserve.

Dhaalu Atoll

  • How to reach – You can easily board a domestic flight from Male city which will take 40 minutes.

Dhaalu atoll is home to many islands which are quite renowned, it is also called by some other name called Southern Nilandhe Atoll. There are many islands in this atoll that have some architectural ruins which are believed to be related to Buddhism. Dhaalu atoll is the first choice of the travellers if they want to do scuba diving in Maldives. There are many luxurious resorts on this atoll which gives the feel of being in a paradise where everything you imagine; you can have in some minutes. No doubt, Dhaalu atoll is one of the Maldives places to visit for sure.

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Emboodhu Finolhu Island

  • How to reach – This island is only 8 km away from Male International airport which takes 15 minutes by speedboat.

Emboodhu Finolhu island is a small and soothing island which is located in the southern atoll and also referred to as the “Island of three coconuts”. This island stands in the midst of the Indian Ocean and is covered with huge greenery of palm and coconut trees making it a beautiful Maldives tourist place. There is no reef around this area but the water is so clear and shallow that you can see each and every particle underwater. A variety of fish can be seen swimming around the shore like stingrays, turtles, eel, and many more. You can walk on the beach barefooted because there are no sharp corals that can hurt you.

HP Reef

hp reef-places to visit in maldives
  • How to reach – It is located between Girifushi and Himmafushi, and needs only a 15 minutes ride by speedboat.

HP Reef is the gateway for those who love the world underwater, from this gateway you can step into your world of dreams. It is an experience that everyone should capture in their lives for once almost. HP reef is a prominent dive site that allows tourists to enter the waters and witness the beauty of corals, different species of fish, and caves. This reef is also known as Rainbow Reef because of the existence of various colors which leads to the formation of caves, corals, ledges, and rifts. Engage yourself in the connection with the love of underwater as it is a thrilling and mesmerizing experience. If you are ready to have this experience then this is the finest Maldives place to visit.

Guraidhoo Island

  • How to reach – In Male, from the Villingili ferry terminal, two ferries leave for Guraidhoo island.

Guraidhoo island is another destination in Maldives where tourists love to come because of the pleasant environment and peaceful atmosphere it is popular among couples as a honeymoon spot which makes this a place to visit in Maldives for couples. It is situated in the south Male atoll. It is bliss for the seekers who want to escape from the crowd and want to take a dip in the depth of nature. Here you will surely enjoy the tranquillity of the lagoons, the water touching your feet while walking on the white sand beach, and more importantly the cold breeze flowing like a cherry on the cake.

Rasfannu Artificial Beach  

  • How to reach – Located only at a distance of 3 km from Male International airport so you can walk there or take a cab.

Rasfannu artificial beach is the best beach in the city of Male, Maldives. This beach can give the vibe of the best walk you can ever have on the waterfront. The waterfront is a bit rocky and not a suitable place for swimming but you can sit and have a good time with your partner, friends, and family. You can sit and indulge in a long conversation or in deep thought while watching the sunset. The good thing about this place is this beach is a local beach which is a local Muslim beach so you can’t take off your clothes while you can enjoy wearing clothes in the water which makes this one of the stunning Maldives tourist places.

Gulhi Island

gulhi island-places to visit in maldives
  • How to reach – You can either take a ferry or a speedboat to Gulhi Island which is located in the south Male atoll.

Gulhi is an island which is located in the south atoll near the Maafushi island and better than many other islands. Gulhi Island is very popular among tourists and considered to be the best place to visit in Maldive for couples. Many tourists come and roam here to witness the beauty of this extraordinary place. During the season, so many people come here to visit and do camping on the beach. Gulhi is the place in the whole Maldives which has beautiful reefs and is full of colorful fishes, all you need to do is wear the gear and just go into the waters. There is a special thing that happened here, which is a cruise which can arrange dinner in the ocean while watching the sunset.

Baros Island

baros island-places to visit in maldives
  • How to reach – For reaching Baros Island, the best option is to take a ferry ride from Male city, of 25 minutes.

Baros Island is one of its types and is an uninhabited island, greatly constructed or developed as a resort island for the purpose of tourism so that tourists can come here and have the most luxurious time of their life. If you see this island on a map then you will see it as a small populated area but in reality, it is no less than a palace or gateway to escape from the hectic stress of your busy life. The best thing about this island which also makes this one of the best places to visit in Maldives is the weather this island which remains the same and is cold throughout the year.

Grand Friday Mosque

  • How to reach – It is nestled in the centre of the Male city so take a cab or a taxi to reach there.

Grand Friday Mosque is one of the largest mosques in the whole of South Asia and also in Maldives. This mosque is the Islamic center of Maldives and is named after the most popular person in the history of the Maldives named Sultan Muhammad Thakurufaanu Al Auzam. Other than a mosque, this place is a library and a place for people to host ceremonies and meetings. This Islamic home is one of the best places to visit in Maldives because of its great architecture. The calm environment of this place can bind you here to get lost in the devotion of God.

Male Friday Mosque

  • How to reach – You can easily reach Male Friday Mosque from Male city by means of a taxi or a cab.

Male Friday Mosque is a great piece of work, construction, and design that those laborers did. It is the oldest and most creatively originated mosque in the whole of the Maldives till now. Another fact about it, it is made up of coral stone and is considered one of the finest pieces of art made by coral stone in the whole world. This mosque is also called the Old Friday Mosque located in Male, Maldives. It has carvings on the walls inside the mosque with Quranic quotes, the capacity of this mosque is 10,700 people at a time for Friday prayer. It also has been included in the list of Cultural World Heritage sites by UNESCO. It is a stunning Maldives tourist place where each and everyone can witness the art style of Maldives.

Sultan Park

sultan park-places to visit in maldives
  • How to reach – It is also placed in The Male City; sultan park is the nearest bus stop.

Sultan Park is the most beautiful location in the whole Maldives, if you are tired of visiting islands then this is the perfect spot in Maldives. Sultan Park is situated in the middle of the city, opposite the Grand Friday Mosque but the peaceful environment created here is commendable and it can be justified by the fact that you can hear the voices of the birds singing while sitting on the branches of the trees. It is also known by other words as Rasraani Bageecha which is a stunning Maldives tourist place.

Bandaara Kilhi

  • How to reach – Fuvahmulah is the island where this lake is situated, reach there from Male city with the help of a ferry.

Bandaara Kilhi is one of the freshwater lakes which is located in Fuvahmulah, Maldives which is the largest reservoir of freshwater, due to the water around this area, there is huge vegetation going on of almonds, fruits, bananas, and coconut. The locals don’t use this place for swimming or other purposes because of the deepness of the lake and muddy shore. Another thing is they don’t want to spoil the water of the lake. Small huts around the lake, trees and cold breeze make this the best place to visit in Maldives which can’t be left out without taking a visit.

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Maldives Victory

maldives victory-places to visit in maldives
  • How to reach – Hulhule is the nearest island from there you can take a boat ride of 15-20 minutes to Maldives victory.

The Maldives Victory is not a victory that Maldives achieved against some other country but it is a Cargo ship that is 100m long and lies parallel to the runway of the airport. The entry on the wreck can only be admitted if you are an experienced diver because of the strong currents. Sometimes the corals on the metal part under the water can be dangerous so people need to walk safely and need to be in contact with each other in case of an emergency but not too close so that they don’t block the movement of one another.

Tsunami Monument

  • How to reach – It exists in the south part of Male city; the nearest ferry stop is Maafushi or you can reach there by bus.

Tsunami monument is a memorial that is made up of the names of the people that had died in the underwater earthquake that took place in Sumatra, Indonesia. This tsunami in the Indian Ocean affects many nations including Maldives very badly. It is located in the city named Male in Maldives which is also home to many other Maldives places to visit. This is a tower placed on the merging point of sea and land and the 20 balls revolving around this tower represent the Atolls of the same country.

Utheemu Ganduvaru

  • How to reach – It is only a 20 minutes boat ride from Addu city.

Utheemu Ganduvaru is the birthplace and a place dedicated to Sultan Mohamed Thakurufaanu, who ruled Maldives for almost 15 years and is considered to be the hero of the poor. He works for the well-being of the people of this place. He is the first person to form an official military unit in this country. It exists in the north most extreme of the Maldives which is so beautiful to enhance and is counted as Maldives places to visit.

Presidential Palace

  • How to reach – It exists in the Male city so you can reach it easily by taxi or a cab.

The Presidential Palace of Maldives is also known as Muliaage which is the official residency of the President of the Maldives presented by the Government. The name Muliaage means the “new house of Muli” which was made upon the ancestral place of Shamsuddeen. Today, it is used to house the tomb of one of the famous Moroccan scholars named Abul Barakat Yousef Al-Berberi. It is believed about him that he is the one who introduced the pious religion of Islam to the nation. It is a culturally respected Maldives tourist place.

National Museum

national museum-places to visit in maldives
  • How to reach – It is located in Male city so you can easily go there by taxi or bus. Sultan park Bus station is the nearest bus stop.

National Museum is the historical and cultural place in Maldives to experience the historical impact of Maldives ranging from the Buddhist era to the Modern Islamic period. This is the first museum in the country established by the Prime Minister on the National Day of Maldives. The National Museum is among the Maldives tourist places and can’t be neglected from being mentioned in this list. The interior of this museum is influenced by the Sultanate time and has some quotes of the Quran written on the wall.

National Art Gallery

  • How to reach – You can reach by bus or ferry. The nearest bus stop is Atlas and the closest ferry stop is Male harbor only at a distance of 11 minutes walking.

The National Art Gallery is the only place in Maldives of this type that represents the actual value of Maldives in the form of art. The art gallery collects the work of both local and international artists so that they can exhibit it in the gallery and people can take a look at what Maldives artists can do. They are giving exposure and support to the artists making them huge on some level. This place attracts tourists as they are really interested to know about the past and present era of the art of Maldives and they can find it here due to which it becomes a Maldives tourist place.

Best Places To Visit In Maldives For Couple

Male City

  • How to reach – There is Male International airport in Male city which is well connected with major places in India.

Male city is the most beautiful place where the crux of the whole Maldives can be spotted. It is the capital and most populous city of Maldives and is believed to reside on the list of the great Maldives places to visit. It was originally termed Kings Island because the Royal Dynasties of the Maldives ran the entire place while living here. There were many grand royal palaces along with magnificent forts that existed before but were now just been destroyed by the government because of the remodeling of the place. The name of the Maldives is being made upon the name of this city Male i.e., Maldives- the Dives of Male which means the islands of the Male city.


  • How to reach – Take a flight to the nearest airport i.e., Velena International airport, and then a cab to reach Hulhumale.

Hulhumale is an artificial island made up by the Government in order to suck out the sand from the sea floor so that further development can’t be stopped. This is the step taken by the administration so that future housing and resorts or progress can take place smoothly. It is located in the North Male Atoll and is the fourth largest island in Maldives. This place’s development and lush greenery attract tourists to this place and make this the best place to visit in Maldives.

Biyadhoo Island

  • How to reach – Biyadhoo Island is located in south Male atoll which is a 40-minute ride from Male International airport by speedboat.

Biyadhoo island is a dream destination if you are looking forward to scuba diving in Maldives. This Island is mostly covered with resorts and a small part of this place is covered with forests. This whole island is in possession of the Taj group of India that’s why the quality of this island is great and it is well maintained and clean. Biyadhoo island should also be counted as the best place to visit in Maldives. Due to the high fertility of the soil, there is a lot of vegetation going on this planet. You can easily witness large numbers of coconut, palms, and mango trees.

Fihalhohi Island

  • How to reach – Male International airport is the base for your journey to Fihalhohi Island in 45 minutes by speedboat.

Fihalhohi Island is the best place to visit in Maldives, showing the sign of being a romantic, calm, and relaxing one. It is the right spot to sit and enjoy your vacation in Peace. A quintessential island having an elegant view of the Indian Ocean along with tropical green forests. It is truly a place to escape from all the tension and stress that you have all along in your busy life.

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Maafushi Island

  • How to reach – Take a cab to the Maafushi ferry then be on a ferry to Maafushi Island, which will take a total of 90 minutes.

If you are visiting Maldives and looking for a place where you can relax without being interfered with by any other human then Maafushi Island is the best place to visit in Maldives for you. It is one of the popular local islands and feasible for the tourist as it is on a budget so everyone can enjoy being near the Indian ocean. If you want only to take sunbathe and be in a calm environment or if you want to engage in some activities or sports then North beach is perfect for you as it also has a secluded area named Bikini Beach. On the other hand, South Beach is a local beach and is usually not too crowded.

Alimatha Island

  • How to reach – Ibrahim Nasir airport is the nearest airport from there, the island is only 20 minutes away by seaplane.

Alimatha is a perfect combination of being a relaxing place along with some of the adventures that can be done through some activities like scuba diving, Jet skiing. Alimathaa means a “woman’s face” which from the above can be seen like a heart-shaped Island which makes this one of the places to visit in Maldives for couples. Alimatha island is quite a package of magnificent views of the Indian Ocean, golden-white sand beaches, and a bit of greenery everywhere which makes it a colorful place to visit.

Veligandu Island

  • How to reach – The best way is to take a ferry to Rasdhoo Island and then commute by a boat.

Veligandu Island is a scenic delight in itself by comprising stunning lagoons, long stretches of white sand beach, and a house reef which is the major attraction of this place. This island can be someone’s fantasy as it stands between the lagoon and the huge greenery of large palm and coconut trees. It is a home in Maldives where there are many sports or things that can be done so that no one gets bored here which makes Maldives a fun tourist place. The lagoon on this island is ideal for some water sports like Kayaking and windsurfing. This whole island has been used as a resort and everyone had a great time here because of the elegant hospitality it has.

Addu City

  • How to reach – You can take a flight to Gan International airport which is in Addu city from Male International airport.

Addu city is a city in Maldives which is also prominently known as a Maldives place to visit. It is referred to as the second largest mostly populated city in Maldives. The people of this place belong to the state of Gujarat and Bihar of current time India. Taking a resort in this city as your base camp while visiting other places in Maldives is one of the best decisions someone can make. This city has some rituals and values which are primarily different from other cities making this a unique one.

Addu Atoll

  • How to reach – Gan International airport is the closest one, you can take a flight from Male.

Addu Atoll is one of the major atolls in Maldives which is the southernmost atoll of this place. It is also known by another name called Seenu Atoll. The reason behind its popularity is that it is a base camp for a Royal Navy team called HMS Haitan. This is the only atoll that has a lagoon that is primarily connected with four natural channels. It is so safe because it remains shallow all time, it doesn’t get affected by the season at all. The coconut trees, small wetlands, and huge greenery beside the blue water make this unique Maldives tourist place.


fulhadhoo-places to visit in maldives
  • How to reach – It is located around 120 km far from Male airport, you can go by speedboat from here.

Fulhadhoo is a place that is worthy of appreciation, is an island of the Baa Atoll spread in the nowhere land between somewhere of the Indian Ocean. This is not a wide island in size but a longer one which is perfect for taking a walk among the long palm trees and on a white sand beach. This is a suitable place for kids as a lagoon forms a kind of swimming pool and is also one of the best places to visit in Maldives for couples.

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