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The Portuguese in Goa had a similar history to the British in India. It's worth noting that, while the Portuguese ruled Goa, their country was ruled by Spain for 60 years beginning in the late 16th century. The period is known as the 1580 Portuguese succession crisis, and it is believed to have occurred as a result of the death of a young king Sebastian of Portugal.

An Ashokan rock edict refers to Goan residents as Rashtrikas, Peitinikas, and Bhojas. Konkani, the language spoken by Goans today, is thought to have evolved from the impact of the Mauryan Empire's official language, Prakrit, on the native language.





Tour Itinerary

8:30 a.m. Pick up from your hotel to visit the must-see sights of Goa's history, which have been built into the itinerary to appeal to a wide range of interests.
Reis Magos Fort
The Reis Magos Fort was originally built to house Viceroys and other dignitaries travelling to or from Portugal. However, with the threat of invasion from neighbouring Indian states, the fort was converted into a military stronghold and was used to repel the enemies who occupied much of the Bardez taluka in 1739.
Aguada Fort
It is over 400 years old and was constructed over a three-year period from 1609 to 1612. Aguada refers to a location where water is collected, and agua is a Portuguese word for water. The fort receives a constant supply of freshwater spring water, hence the name 'Aguada.'
Sinquerim Fort
The main purpose of constructing the fort was to protect Goa from the Dutch and the Marathas. The fort served as a landmark for ships arriving from Europe. The Taj Holiday Village resort, which is well-known among tourists, is located on the fort's right side. The Candolim beach and the river princess stranded among the waves can be seen in the distance. The Sinquerim beach is located between the Taj holiday resort and the lower fort. Many tour operators offer watersport activities such as jet ski rides, paragliding, and dolphin tours. A fortified wall and rocky outcroppings can be found on the bastion's left side.
Chapora Fort
The Chapora Fort, well-known for its history, is one of Goa's most popular tourist destinations. The fort, which is about 10 kilometres from Mapusa, was built by the Portuguese in 1617 to defend their territories from the Marathas. Adil Shah rulers of Bijapur had constructed a fort prior to the arrival of the Portuguese. The Portuguese took control of the fort after Adil Shah's reign and rebuilt it in 1617. It was rebuilt to defend their territories in the face of several Marathas attacks. To escape during times of emergency, the Portuguese built underground tunnels in the fort.
Terekhol Fort
  The fort commands a commanding view of the Terekhol River, as well as the Querim and Kalacha beaches. From the fort, one can frequently see paragliders having a good time on Kalacha beach. The sight of a swarm of colourful gliders in the sky at the same time is breathtaking. To get to the fort, take a taxi or an auto from anywhere in north Goa. The route takes you through the beautiful villages of Siolim, Ashvem, and Querim. To cross the Terekhol river, a ferry service is available near Querim beach.


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