Bir Billing

Biking in Bir

Open Time : 6am- 6pm

Entry : paid

Address : Quadrenalin Quadbiking Centre,, What3words, UK

Why to visit Biking in Bir

Riding in Bir is a less time-consuming alternative to hiking; the open terrain and various paths make mountain biking an ideal option. While some trails may be a little dangerous, riding allows visitors to move from one location to another for less money while viewing the greenery, high mountain peaks, rivers, and other sights. Bikes can be rented by the hour from a number of shops and taken to a variety of locations, including the Bir Landing Site, Palpung Monastery, Deol Village, and Mukut Nath Shrine Sansaal

Special Tip

Training required with special security gears

By Aryan Prasad

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